Chester County Health Department COVID-19 Vaccine Update- February 12

As the 6th most populated county in Pennsylvania, Chester County should be receiving more COVID-19 vaccine doses than we are currently getting.  It is not for want of asking.  The Chester County Health Department has requested nearly 51,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine since December 17th, and to date, we have received just half of what was requested. 
The Chester County Commissioners are working in support of the Chester County Health Department, and on behalf of all county residents, to appeal to the PA Department of Health on the need for more vaccine in more highly populated areas of the state, AND to ask that priority be given to the Chester County Health Department as a vaccine provider.  We have shared this with our state legislators, so that they can also lobby for our appeal for more vaccine. 
We are also adding to, and improving upon services and programs every day including personalized vaccine appointments that are password-protected, and contracts signed for more vaccine clinic locations across the county that will open as more vaccine doses are delivered to us.
Next week, we are expanding our call center capabilities – in English and Spanish – to answer questions, pre-register for the vaccine, and schedule appointments when internet booking isn’t an option.
At the current level of vaccine doses received by the Chester County Health Department, we estimate that 4,380 people in Phase 1A will receive the vaccine each week from the Health Department.  As availability increases, so too will the number of people that will be vaccinated each week.
We are currently holding vaccine clinics in three locations – The Government Services Center in West Chester, the Kennett Square Fire Company’s Red Clay Room, and West Chester University’s Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center.

Notification of available appointments

As appointments with the Chester County Health Department open up for the COVID-19 vaccine, you will be notified of the opportunity to book an appointment, with a personalized link for booking. The link for scheduling your vaccine will be sent separately. 
An appointment for your second vaccine will be scheduled at the time of receiving your first vaccine. 

Where else can you register for the COVID-19 vaccine?

In addition to the Chester County Health Department, some hospitals and pharmacies in Chester County are receiving vaccine from the PA Department of Health. You can find these locations listed on the PA Department of Health vaccine provider map.

The Chester County Health Department does not distribute vaccine to these locations and does not have control over how the vaccine is distributed by the PA Department of Health. We are, however, lobbying for more doses to come to the Chester County Health Department, to allow for a more efficient and centralized vaccine administration operation.
Please note: Wherever you go to receive your first dose of vaccine is where you need to go to receive your second dose. 

chesco diagram 2-12
Full information on Chester County’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including information on COVID-19 testing and a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on the COVID-19 vaccine can be found at