Water Resources Plan & Updates Underway

To ensure that our residents and businesses are equipped to respond to evolving water resources needs, Chester County is leading updates to the Watersheds Plan and the County-wide Stormwater Management Plan.
Watersheds Plan

was adopted in 2002 by the Chester County Board of Commissioners as the water resources element of the County's Comprehensive Plan, Landscapes. One of the components of Watersheds are specific strategies, criteria, and recommendations for municipalities and others to protect water resources while accommodating for planned growth. Learn more ...
Watersheds Plan Update

Chester County is currently reviewing and updating the Watersheds integrated water resources plan and the County-wide Stormwater Management Plan to ensure that these plans continue to provide timely and relevant guidance on current and future water resources issues. Learn more ...
Ordinance Update

As part of the development of the County-wide Stormwater Management Plan in 2013, a model ordinance was developed for municipal adoption. That ordinance is being reviewed and updated. Learn more ...
County-Wide Stormwater Management Plan

The purpose of the County-wide Stormwater Management Plan is to reduce stormwater runoff and flooding, and improve water quality in all watersheds of Chester County. Learn more ...
Other Approved Stormwater Management Plans

Prior to the development of the County-wide Stormwater Management Plan in 2013, plans were developed for specific watersheds. Plans for Chester Creek, Crum Creek, Darby Creek, and Valley Creek watersheds are found here.
Watersheds Plans as of 2015

This compilation of plans and studies in Chester County were conducted by various entities and agencies, some plans dating as far back as 1952. The type of plans included range from water resources inventory studies to restoration plans to watershed conservation plans.