Unclaimed Cremains

Occasionally there are individuals who pass away in Chester County where the next of kin cannot be located or the next of kin declines responsibility for the individual. In these situations, the Coroner’s Office takes possession of the deceased individual and arranges for a cremation. At least one calendar year after the date of death, the cremains will be interred during a ceremony at the Chester County Coroner's Office vault located at Philadelphia Memorial Park in Frazer, PA. These interments occur every other year, alternating with our unclaimed Veterans' ceremony. 

Unclaimed Cremains Currently in Possession of The Coroner's Office

Name Age Date of Death Residence Location Death Location
Allen, Ronald 73 04/19/2020 Willistown Twp Willistown Twp
Ash, Jeffrey 65 11/17/2021 Coatesville City Coatesville City
Baltadonis, Patricia 71 01/11/2021 Elverson Boro Elverson Boro
Beiler, Jacqueline 84 11/27/2022 Elverson Boro Elverson Boro
Bowman, Leroy 46 11/10/2016 West Caln Twp West Caln Twp
Brooke, Edward 78 05/20/2020 Philadelphia, PA Phoenixville Boro
Brown, Harold 82 03/05/2021 Norristown, PA Phoenixville Boro
Byerly, Ruth 89 05/07/2020 Oxford Boro Oxford Boro
Carlton, Virginia 65 04/23/2022 East Bradford Twp East Bradford Twp
Carpenter, Margaret 62 02/17/2022 West Sadsbury Twp West Goshen Twp
Crespo, Emilio 83 05/15/2020 Reading, PA Phoenixville Boro
Czapla, Ronald 71 01/11/2023 Tredyffrin Twp Tredyffrin Twp
Deboard, Dorothy 71 08/20/2021 Stowe, PA Phoenixville Boro
Dugan, Vincent 69 01/22/2022 South Coventry Twp South Coventry Twp
England, Robert 67 07/19/2020 Coatesville City Coatesville City
Ernst, Fern 71 01/13/2021 West Goshen Twp West Goshen Twp
Ferguson, William 65 02/28/2020 Coatesville City Coatesville City
Fisher, Ellen 57 11/08/2022 Coatesville City Coatesville City
Gibson, James 90 06/14/2020 Downingtown Boro Phoenixville Boro
Gold, Richard 70 11/19/2020 East Coventry Twp East Coventry Twp
Grenda, Shirley 83 05/04/2022 Honey Brook Boro Honey Brook Boro
Hartwell, Lisa 57 08/30/2021 West Nottingham Twp West Nottingham Twp
Hillanbrand, Robert 53 01/17/2020 Honey Brook Twp Honey Brook Twp
Hollenbaugh, Randy 35 01/31/2022 Lancaster, PA West Vincent Twp
Jones, Lonney 51 01/28/2021 Coatesville City Caln Twp
Leamont, Lewis 70 04/08/2021 Uwchlan Twp Uwchlan Twp
Lockard, Ronald 84 04/14/2020 East Vincent Twp East Vincent Twp
Lord, Barbara 73 08/19/2020 Reading, PA Phoenixville Boro
McCall, Oliver 59 03/21/2020 Norristown, PA West Goshen Twp
McCann, Dudley 69 12/31/2019 West Goshen Twp West Goshen Twp
Oplinger, Michelle 47 12/18/2022 Caln Twp West Goshen Twp
Peacher, Richard 68 01/19/2022 East Whiteland Twp East Whiteland Twp
Pennelli, Peter 70 10/07/2021 Coatesville City West Goshen Twp
Rasmussen, Sara-Marie 82 02/24/2020 East Bradford Twp East Bradford Twp
Ridley, Clifton 74 01/22/2020 Philadelphia, PA Penn Twp
Roark, Daryl 42 05/01/2020 West Chester Boro West Chester Boro
Roberts, Mark 62 08/01/2022 East Vincent Twp East Vincent Twp
Rodgers, Thomas 69 11/18/2022 East Fallowfield Twp East Fallowfield Twp
Saunders, John 57 01/13/2021 West Chester Boro Caln Twp
Seaton, Billy Joe 67 01/08/2021 Bristol, TN West Nottingham Twp
Seiple, Gregory 60 08/28/2021 West Bradford Twp Caln Twp
Smith, Byron 77 06/24/2020 Phoenixville Boro Phoenixville Boro
Spott, Anastasia 59 10/12/2019 East Bradford Twp East Bradford Twp
Sylvina, Daniel 75 06/21/2022 West Goshen Twp West Goshen Twp
Thomas, Ross 83 08/24/2022 East Bradford Twp East Bradford Twp
Troup, Clarence 71 05/08/2006 Coatesville City Coatesville City
Troupe, Charles 71 05/09/2020 Pocopson Twp Pocopson Twp
Verdet, Louis 57 02/26/2021 Thornbury Twp Thornbury Twp
Westergom, John 78 12/31/2019 East Goshen Twp East Goshen Twp
Wildemore, Janice 72 06/29/2022 East Nantmeal Twp East Nantmeal Twp
Yohn, Martha 92 11/29/2020 Franklin Twp Franklin Twp