Exton Park

The Exton Park Site is located in West Whiteland Township, Chester County.  Chester County and West Whiteland Township jointly purchased the property from the Church Farm School to protect open space and provide park and recreation opportunities. The site consists of approximately 701 acres featuring significant natural and cultural resources including open fields, woodlands, stream corridors, steep hillsides, ridgetops, wetlands, and agricultural lands. The Township portion of the site is 278 acres and the County portion is the remaining 423 acres. The unique partnership between Chester County and West Whiteland Township in this endeavor serves as a model of how organizations can work together in preserving Chester County’s open space and meeting the recreation needs of the community.

There is currently 19.1 acres developed for recreation at Exton Park located at 132 Church Farm Lane in Exton.  This location serves as the only County owned Trail head for the Chester Valley Trail.  Park amenities include 91 parking spaces, modern restroom facilities, picnic tables, two age appropriate playgrounds, a pet friendly water station, a sand volleyball court and ½ mile walking trail which incorporates a story walk feature funded by the Chester County Library.   This site is fully ADA accessible and is characterized with 3.5 acres of native grass and wildflower meadows surrounded with native tree species offering shade for park visitors and wildlife habitat.