Matthew Bottomley

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Matthew Bottomley believes that attitude is the biggest key to success.  He is passionate about educating others on the history, environmental and recreational opportunities that are present within Chester County’s parks and preserved lands.  He especially loves meeting park visitors of all ages who are enthusiastic and willing to learn about nature.

Matthew had many different jobs prior to becoming a Chester County Park Ranger.  These jobs included working as a carpenter and cabinetmaker, and also as a camp counselor and outdoor activities guide.  Matt’s biggest passion is being outside in the great outdoors and working with people in an educational environment – becoming a Ranger allowed him to do both.  He is currently a member of the Horse-Shoe Trail Conservancy and Natural Lands Trust and is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences.

As a Chester County Park Ranger Matt enjoys many opportunities to run educational programs.  One of his favorite and most successful programs so far has been the Beginner’s Backpacking Course.  During this course he led a few interactive classroom sessions that involved discussions regarding backpacking equipment, planning a trip and outdoor skills.  Attendees got to put what they learned into practice on an overnight trip with Matt.  Many of the backpackers who attended Matt’s initial trip have followed up with their continued adventures in backpacking. 

Being a ranger allows Matt to work in an educational environment as well as protecting the park and everyone who comes to enjoy a natural setting.  He believes that listening to others is key to his success and he is willing share a conversation with anyone that comes along.  Look for Matt anywhere in the parks and on the trails.  He will be easy to find as he is the tallest ranger on duty in Chester County Parks and Preservation.