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Jay Erb is committed to leaving our parks and natural lands in better condition than he finds them.  He strives to build bridges from public interaction to environmental sustainability by reaching out to the public through environmental and educational programs. These opportunities to interact with the public are one of the many things that offer Jay the chance to experience the great deal of diversity needed to protect our natural areas and culture.

Ranger Erb is a self-described Generalist.  He is someone who does not necessarily specialize on one subject but has an understanding of many aspects of knowledge to manage and solve a variety of problems.   As such he offers educational and environmental programs from many subjects including Arbor Day, Build a Bluebird Box, Cooking with the Collier, New Year’s Day Hike, Silent Hunters of the Night, The Rusty Crayfish and more.  Jay is a local historian with vast knowledge of the Revolutionary War era iron industry as it pertains to Chester County and the surrounding area.

Over the years Jay has been fortunate to have a number of highly qualified mentors.  They include family, friends, teachers, employers and coworkers – all of which led him to define success as “Making a difference.”  Jay is a graduate of Owen J Roberts High School.  He was self-employed as an experiential facilitator for 20 years and has operated a martial arts school since 1987.  He is currently Chief Instructor of the Tae Kwon Do Academy, and has volunteered for the North Coventry Township Parks & Recreation Commission since 1995 and he currently serves as Chairman.  He has written a copyrighted, non-published book entitled “Full Range Defensive Tactics”.

Ranger Erb offers the following advice to anyone hoping to one day become a park ranger, “Expose yourself to a wide variety of learning opportunities because you’ll most likely use them all as a park ranger.”  He holds fast to the belief that a ranger needs an understanding of many different aspects of knowledge in order to manage and solve a variety of issues while encouraging environmental sustainability.  With his diverse experience and knowledge Jay hopes that his everyday activities – combined with the educational and environmental programs he facilitates, will help to foster an ongoing appreciation of caring for natural and recreational lands for many generations to come.