Trail Map
Chester Counrty Trailfinder

Nature Trail - 0.47 Miles

This trail runs along a native meadow northwest of the day use area, offering an opportunity to learn about the park’s flora and fauna. It runs beside two vernal pools, a bat box, bird nest boxes, and across a wetland boardwalk where an intrepretive sign is located.

Iron Heritage Loop Trail - 0.83 Miles

This trail begins at the forest entrance east of the parking area. It leads up a steep incline connecting with the Charcoal Trail, and heads back towards the Fink Truss just above the playgrounds. Signage along the trail encourages you to experience Warwick’s woods and trails as they were used to make charcoal from the mid-18th century through the 19th century. Brochures are available at the park office.

Red Cliff Trail - 0.33 Miles

This trail extends from the French Creek through Red Cliff Field, a wet meadow, to a scenic area on Red Cliff’s south side. Set in a meadow and riparian environment, this easy trail offers elegant views of the flora and fauna. The portion of the French Creek adjacent to the trail is known for outstanding trout fishing.

North Loop Trail - 1.78 Miles

This trail extends along the park’s northern area. It begins at Mt. Pleasant Road on the bed of the former Sow Belly Rail Line, which ran from Street Peters to Kimberton in the 19th century. Breaking away from the rail line, it continues through the forest and meadows, and onto the scenic overlook on the French Creek’s north side. This restful trail offers views of the flora and fauna of the French Creek Valley.

Adirondack Tree ID Trail - 0.32 Miles

Developed by an Eagle Scout to provide an interpretive tree identification (dendrology) trail, this trail passes through the hardwood forest east of the day use area. Brochures for the interpretive portion are located at the beginning of the trail. The identification key is located inside the Adirondack shelter.

Horse-Shoe Trail - 3.06 Miles

This trail passes east to west from Conventryville Road to Hill Road. It meanders along the scenic French Creek, through a historic forest, and into the day use area. Beginning at Valley Forge National Historic Park, the trail continues westward towards its junction with the Appalachian Trail on the crest of Stony Mountain north of Hershey. The 137-mile public trail is suitable for hiking and horseback riding. Horse-Shoe Trail guide books are available for purchase at the park office.

Charcoal Trail - 1.36 Miles

This trail meanders below the park’s southern ridgeline. It links several of the park’s charcoal hearths - a large level circle about 30'in diameter. The hearths were used to make charcoal that fueled the region’s iron furnaces during the 18th and 19th centuries. Sections include steep slopes and rocky surfaces.