Trail Map


Indian Run Trail - 1.42 Miles

Indian Run Trail circles the entire park, meandering through forested canopy and along the banks of the Indian Run Creek. It traverses the park’s southern ridge to offer panoramic views of Springton facing north from the observation deck. The terrain varies from steep slope to level ground, and from grass pathway to forested floor and hard-packed stream bank. Other surfaces are wood-chipped or gravel.

Penn Oak Nature Trail - 0.47 Miles

Penn Oak Nature Trail encompasses several stations allowing visitors to study wildlife and habitat up close.

McIlvaine Trail- 0.90 Miles

Starting at the lower parking area McIlvaine Trail is a great linking trail in the heart of the park. The surface is mostly grass with some stone gravel. 

Maple Lane Trail - 0.76 Miles

Maple Lane Trail follows the old roadway used by the Springton Manor Farm families of the 1800’s. Starting in the farm complex, it runs south between old sugar maple trees, past the orchard and loops around the meadow, linking to Park Road and McIlvaine Trail. In most areas, it is accessible for disabled visitors. The trail can also be accessed from the Manor House parking area.

Bartol Trail - 1.28 Miles

Bartol Trail, an ideal trail for increasing trail distance, follows an old roadbed through a forested canopy along the park’s southern boundary. It is wood-chipped and level, and can be accessed from Springton Road and Indian Run Trail.

Atlee Trail - 0.19 Miles

Atlee Trail loops around a small grain plot and links Indian Run Trail with the farm pond and picnic area. It passes a line of spruce trees, commonly planted as wind-breaks for land conservation and crop protection from the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s.

McConaghey Trail - 0.87 Miles

McConaghy Trail links with the farm pond, picnic area, Indian Run and Maple Lane Trails and Park Road. It traverses natural grass/shrub lands with woodland edge, vernal pools and warm season grass areas. The terrain is grass, stone gravel or wood chip. As the trail heads in a southerly direction, most slopes are moderate to steep. Look for wildflowers, red tail hawks and seasonal songbirds.