Fitness Trail - 1.0 Miles

The Par-Course Fitness Trail has 18 exercise stations that allow you to choose a level of difficulty. You may also find an abundance of wildflowers around this one-mile loop.

Doe Trail - .99 Miles

Two-thirds of Doe Trail runs west and parallel to Black Run. Many favorite wildflowers are found along this pleasant trail, which terminates at Feldspar Trail. Along the way, you will pass the WWII monument at Victory Run and Black Run.

Fawn Trail - 0.25 Miles

This short trail begins at the Pavilion #7 gate, running in a southerly direction and crossing Black Run stream. A favorite birding location for Northern Oriole and Prairie Warbler.

Feldspar Trail - .64 Miles

Feldspar Trail starts at Park and Cemetery Road and runs south past Black Run before ending at Buck Trail. 

Buck Trail - 2.73 Miles

Buck Trail travels east to west and is situated on the highest elevations in the park, providing some of the most spectacular views of the valleys to the north. You are truly in “the barrens” when hiking this trail. 

Chrome Trail - 0.20 Miles

Although its only .20 miles, Chrome Trail is significant because it starts in the day use area, and connects to Doe Trail at intersection. The savannah area is a prairie ecosystem featuring warm season grasses, as well as rare flora.

Serpentine Barrens Heritage Hike

Starting at the grassland demonstration area, follow portions of the Chrome, Doe and Feldspar Trails, exploring the relationship between the natural resources in our serpentine barrens and the history of mining. Brochures for this self-guided hike are available at the park office.