Nottingham County Park does not have parking designed to conveniently accommodate horse trailers.In addition, many of our equestrian parking options are affected by weather and related ground conditions. Due to these parking pressures and increased equestrian use, we are asking for your cooperation to provide the best possible parking

  • Please do not drive or park on any turf surfaces.
  • Please do not block any gate or trailhead, these locations must be open for emergency access at all times
  • Please scoop and remove droppings from the park
  • Equestrian activity is not permitted in the pavilion/day use areas.
  • Preferred parking areas for trail riding are the gravel lots at Pavilion 7 (convenient trailhead, loop driveway) and Pavilion 4 (next to Feldspar Trail).


Trail Riders

  • We are happy to open the gate into the riding ring area if turf conditions permit and staff is available.
  • Please call in advance (610-932-2589) if you plan to use the riding ring. We cannot reserve the ring, but we appreciate the opportunity to direct you for parking.
  • If you cannot telephone contact, please check in with the park office or other park staff upon arrival.
  • If you are unable to contact park staff, please park in the McPherson Lake lot. If McPherson is not available, please use the lot at Pavilion 4.
  • You are welcome to drop off gear to use at the riding ring at the western park gate (closest to the riding ring) or the McPherson Lake parking lot if neither of those areas are available for parking. Pis available in the McPherson Lake parking lot before taking your trailer to the lot, to avoid getting stuck with insufficient area to turn around.

We will be updating our horse trailer parking arrangements for the warmer months when pavilion use and visitor attendance increases. We would appreciate being able to communicate such updates to you directly, please take a few moments to give us your contact information on the attached form. Please return your form to any staff in the park, the park office, or by email, fax or mail as indicated. Thank you for helping us better meet your recreation needs. 

We are looking into a more permanent solution for horse trailer parking; please contact us with any suggestions on this project. Please also share your thoughts about the park overall with the attached survey form,