Trail Map
Chester County Trailfinder

Cedar Hollow Trail - 1.08 Miles 

Cedar Hollow is a mostly-level, upland trail with some seasonally wet areas. It passes through a variety of woodland, forest edge and field habitats. This trail provides opportunities for wildlife viewing and passes through the Lake Campground

Forest Hill Trail - .60 Miles

Forest Hill Trail is primarily a gentle-sloping and level wooded trail. A 50-yard stretch at the southern end leading into Forge Trail is fairly steep. It has three footbridges constructed over small streams. Please be cautious when crossing Park Road.

Lake Trail - 0.64 Miles

Although most of Lake Trail is about 5% slope, it is wheelchair accessible. The stone dust surface extends from& Hibernia Mansion parking lot to the scenic overlook just about the fishing pier. This is the only trail in the park that is off limits to horseback riders and bicyclists.

Rim Trail - 2.34 Miles

The Rim Trail’s stone dust surface covers miles of the old railroad bed and is ideal for running. The upper loop portion is steep and rocky, but gently rolling on the higher level. Parking/access is available at the Hatfield House/Brandywine pull-off.

Forge Trail - 0.42 Miles

The eastern part of Forge Trail is a level floodplain, becoming muddy in some areas during the wet season, and connects with Forest Hill Trail. It travels westward through the historic Hibernia Forge area, where its surface is still black with charcoal dust. The section near the pond cottage travels up a steep hill onto Lions Head Drive. It continues west back into the woods.

Birch Run Trail - 0.55 Miles

Starting on Lions Head Drive by Cottage 3, the trail heads westerly along the Birch Run before heading gradually up through the forest. The trail merges with a gentle grass path that leads to other great fishing spots and the public boat launch area of Chambers Lake. It gradually drops down through an old stand of White Pine and returns to Lions Head Drive near Cottage 1 and the Lions Head entrance.

Walking Tour of Historic Sites - Less Than 3 Miles

From Hibernia Mansion, the walking tour explores ruins, structures and landscape features located on the Forest Hill and Forge Trails and Lion’s Head Drive that tell the story of Hibernia’s past, focusing on mansion builders Charles Brooks and Colonel Swayne .