Reporting Non-Compliant Businesses


Workers are encouraged to first communicate with their employer if they feel they are not being appropriately protected in their workplace. If that does not produce the desired result, a worker can reach out directly to local law enforcement via a non-emergency number, or to the Pennsylvania Department of Health and fill out a COVID-19 complaint form, available here. That completed form is vetted and followed up on by the department and, if appropriate, referred to Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) for investigation. If the business location doesn’t fall under PSP’s jurisdiction, PSP refers the complaint to local law enforcement for investigation.

PA Department of Health’s webform to submit a complaint about a business or employer

Food Facilities in Chester County:

The Chester County Health Department is responding to reports of Chester County restaurants and food facilities' failure to comply with COVID-19 guidance and orders, including prohibitions or limits on dine-in services and masking requirements.

Food Facilities in Delaware County:

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture enforces the Secretary of Health’s order as it relates to restaurants and other retail food facilities, including prohibitions or limits on dine-in services and masking requirements through the issuance of warnings and fines.

When such complaints are received, the department sends notices to the complainant and the business. These complaints are also referred to the Pennsylvania Department of Health for enforcement. The Department of Agriculture sends inspectors to follow up and may issue warnings and fines to restaurant owners. Complaints regarding concerns at restaurants and retail food facilities can be submitted to the department online.