Dry Ice Safety Tips

June 4, 2020

Many residents of Chester County are without electricity due to the storms from yesterday and are purchasing dry ice. Dry Ice may be hazardous to health and safety if not handled properly.

Here are some safety tips for handling Dry Ice:

-Plan to pick up the Dry Ice as close to the time it is needed as possible.

-Dry Ice is extremely cold; handle with cloth/leather gloves, oven mitts or towel.

-Store Dry Ice in a well-insulated container-like a cooler/ice chest-and store in a well ventilated area.

-If transporting the dry ice inside a vehicle for more than 15 minutes, make sure there is fresh air circulating in the vehicle.

-If you start to pant, breath quickly, develop a headache or your fingernails or lips start to turn blue, seek medical attention immediately.  These are signs that you have breathed in too much carbon dioxide (CO2) and do not have enough oxygen in your system.

-Dry Ice burns the same as regular heat burns. Check with a medical professional for treatment of dry ice burns.