Coronavirus COVID-19: Maps and Data

  • The “Protecting Our Progress” report has been expanded to include contact tracing data and exposure risk data.
  • Currently, technical issues exist with displaying negatives test results at the municipal level. The negative test results have been removed until the issue can be resolved.
  • The data on the map dashboard and the “Protecting Our Progress” report will not match. On the “Protecting Our Progress” report, data is analyzed using multiple dates – incidence rate uses the earliest date cases were reported, and percent positivity uses the test report date since these dates are used by PA DOH for data reported on its Early Warning Monitoring System dashboard. This was done for consistency purposes. On the map dashboard, data is analyzed using the test collection date.
  • As of June 27, data is no longer published on weekends.
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As of August 7th, Antibody Testing Data reports will no longer be posted due to the age of the data and as testing protocols shift. We continue to make enhancements to our data dashboards to provide additional information about COVID-19. Please check back regularly for additional updates.