Programs / Functions

State Agency
The County Treasurer serves as the local authority, which represents the State of Pennsylvania, in the sale of various state-controlled licenses. The County, for its services, receives a small percentage of the revenue.

Real Estate Tax Process
The Office of the Treasurer invoices all owners of taxable property, after assignment of a tax amount by the Office of Assessment, annually. Updates to individual properties, as a result of improvement, may require interim billing, which is also performed by the Treasurer.

Upon receipt of payment of real estate taxes, the Office of the Treasurer records this information and is frequently called upon to certify that payment was received. This process normally occurs during the transfer of ownership.

The property owner is not always the party who remits the tax payment. There are several organizations, which engage in multiple payment transactions simultaneously.

These are typically mortgage or title companies who are making payment from escrowed funds, and these payments are processed in batches, electronically.

Centralized Depository
All receipts of cash or checks, once processed and recorded, are deposited on a daily basis.

Small Games of Chance & Bingo
The County Treasurer is the legal "Licensing Authority" recognized under Pennsylvania's Local Option Small Games of Chance Act (the Act), 10 P.S., 311-327.

Only not-for-profit organizations, those who qualify under the Act, may apply for and receive a license to operate a small game of chance.

Five games of chance may be conducted as defined in the Act. They are:

  • Punchboards
  • Pull - Tabs
  • Raffles (Includes lotteries)
  • Daily Drawings
  • Weekly Drawings

The County retains all proceeds from the sale of these licenses.

Anyone wishing to operate a small game of chance or Bingo game must apply for and purchase a license.

For more information on the Act contact the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Hotel Tax Management
Ordinance No. 2-99 was declared into county law on 11/30/1999 with an effective date of 01/01/2000. Its purpose is to provide funds to promote tourism (and hence, economic development) within the county's borders. Senate Bill No. 366 (Session of 1999) provides the legal right to enact this tax.

The Treasurer is responsible for rules and regulations regarding collection and disbursement of tax money to the Chester County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CCCVB). Ordinance No. 2-99 defines the collection and remittance date restrictions imposed on hotels and the Office of the Treasurer.

Internal Control: Reconciliation of Bank Statements

The Office of the Treasurer serves as an internal accounting control function. In this capacity it tests for agreement between the general ledger and various bank statements for Chester County's main cash account, and payroll and pension accounts.

Similar to the account reconciliation process, an internal accounting control, the Treasurer's office serves as the disbursement function. All checks written by Accounts Payable are reviewed by and distributed from the Office of the Treasurer.