Changes to the ARD Program during COVID-19

During COVID-19, the following changes have been made to the ARD Program and the application process:

ARD Application 

The District Attorney’s Office will be accepting ARD applications electronically. Once the application is filled out, please scan it in and email it to [email protected]. Further, until the Judicial Emergency is over, ARD applications do not need to be notarized; however, if the application is not notarized, please include an attorney certification stating that the defendant signed the application under the verification found on Part III of the application.

ARD Conditions

Community service will still be assigned for all ARD cases and the opportunities to get the community service waived will remain the same. The District Attorney’s Office is aware of limited community service opportunities at the moment and understands many defendants may not be able to complete community service until late in their ARD supervision due to coronavirus concerns.
Alcohol Highway Safety School is available online for defendants to complete.
CRN evaluations will be conducted over the telephone. There may be some delay in getting these completed, but Probation, Parole & Pretrial Services will give ARD cases priority scheduling consideration. 

DUI Program Information (CRN and Alcohol Highway Safety School)