Hibernia Dam Rehabilitation Project

Hibernia Dam Regional Flood Control Facility and Chambers Lake Reservoir are located at Hibernia County Park in West Caln Township, Chester County. The dam was built in 1994 by the Chester County Water Resources Authority and USDA Soil Conservation Service, now the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Hibernia Dam is owned and operated by the Authority and provides recreation, water supply, and flood protection for residents in Chester County.

Hibernia Dam is currently serving those purposes in a safe and reliable manner. The dam was designed and constructed to meet the dam safety engineering standards in place at the time of construction. Since then, advances in dam safety engineering have resulted in new engineering standards that are above and beyond those used for Hibernia Dam. With technical support and funding from NRCS, CCWRA will undertake a rehabilitation project on Hibernia Dam starting in June 2020 in order to meet modern dam safety standards and to extend the lifespan for another 50 years.

Project Components

  • Constructing a concrete wall below the grass in the auxiliary spillway,
  • Installing a sand and stone filter at the toe of the dam,
  • Grading the mid-slope bench to improve drainage, and 
  • Extending of the existing maintenance access road to the outlet.


  • Construction work is expected to begin in June 2020. 
  • Construction is expected to take 4 months, with the work ending in early October 2020. 

Park Use

  • To protect the safety of Park visitors during the construction activity, public access will be prohibited to the areas in the immediate vicinity of the dam.
  • The work being performed will not affect Chambers Lake or its use.

Hibernia Dam and Chambers Lake, Hibernia County Park.

Hibernia Dam: Auxiliary spillway (foreground) and embankment.

Contact Information

For additional information regarding the Rehabilitation Project, please contact: 
Janet L. Bowers, P.G.
Executive Director
Chester County Water Resources Authority
ph: 610-344-5400
email: water@chesco.org