Coronavirus COVID-19: Testing Information

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Guidance for COVID-19 test
Resource How to Use Updated
Contact Tracing FAQ Learn more about contact tracing and how we’re using it to fight COVID-19 6/18/2020
Antibody Testing Information Guidance for COVID-19 antibody testing and results 6/5/2020
COVID-19 Testing FAQ Comprehensive guidance and frequently asked questioned related to COVID-19 testing, including antibody testing 7/23/2020
When Have I Recovered? Guidance of when to discontinue isolation 7/24/2020

Testing Locations

Resource How to Use Updated
AFC Urgent Care Find local AFC Urgent Care locations near you. Offering COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody testing. 7/29/2020
CVS Minute Clinic Testing Find CVS COVID-19 testing locations near you. 6/25/2020
Rite Aid Testing Find Rite Aid COVID-19 testing locations near you. 6/25/2020
Delaware County Testing Find COVID-19 testing locations in Delaware County. 6/25/2020
At-Home Testing Information Learn more about at-home COVID-19 testing options. 6/25/2020