Coronavirus COVID-19: Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Toolkit

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Response to an Outbreak and Residents with Exposure to COVID-19 Long-term Care Facilities
 This guidance outlines a facility’s response to a new suspected, probable, or confirmed case of COVID19 in facility healthcare personnel (HCP) or a resident, or when a resident has been exposed to COVID19. 9/24/2021 
Core Infection Prevention and Control Measures for Long-term Care Facilities
Guidance on core infection prevention and control measures for long-term care facilities (LTCF) during the COVID-19 pandemic 9/24/2021 
Work Restrictions for Healthcare Personnel with Exposure to COVID-19
Guidance on how to evaluate and respond to exposure of healthcare personnel (HCP) to COVID-19 9/16/2021 
 2021 Health Alerts, Advisories, and Updates  Stay up to date with important Pennsylvania Department of Heath alerts, advisories, and updates 9/16/2021