Coronavirus COVID-19: General Resources

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COVID-19 Testing FAQ Comprehensive guidance and frequently asked questioned related to COVID-19 testing 7/23/2020
Pennsylvania Universal Face Covering FAQ Detailed guidance regarding PA DOH Universal Face Coverings order 11/20/2020
Process to Reopen Pennsylvania Detailed guidance regarding phased reopening of Pennsylvania 8/4/2020
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Specific guidance for pregnant people and those who may be breastfeeding during COVID-19. 6/9/2020
When Have I Recovered? Guidance of when to discontinue isolation 7/24/2020
Caring for Someone at Home with COVID-19 Guidance for caring for someone at home with COVID-19 7/24/2020
CDC What to do if You Are Sick Steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 if you are sick 3/19/2020
Coronavirus Rumor Control FEMA Coronavirus Rumor Control – Frequently Asked Questions 3/21/2020
Warning Against Flushing Wipes Press Release from Pennsylvania American Water about flushing sanitizing and flushable wipes 3/21/2020
Fighting COVID-19 Stigma PA DOH information about stigma and COVID-19 4/13/2020
Lung Health and COVID-19 Guidance to decrease complications related to COVID-19 for those individuals who smoke, vape, or have a pre-existing health condition. 4/15/2020