Social Distancing

COVID Be Informed

Social distancing means reducing close contact between people to stop or slow the spread of a disease. Including:

SocialDistancing1Closing schools and businesses

SocialDistancing2Postponing large events and gatherings

SocialDistancing3Limiting errands

SocialDistancing4Postponing play-dates, sleep-overs and parties

Staying home

Why is Social Distancing Important?

COVID GraphIt does not eliminate the virus but makes it easier to control. Social distancing reduces the number of infections and spreads them out over a longer period of time. Resulting in:

  • Fewer infections & fewer deaths
  • Protecting the healthcare system & the ability to treat the virus

The graph illustrates how protective measures like social distancing, washing hands, and cleaning surfaces works to protect the community & healthcare system.

Social Distancing is a Social Responsibility

Choosing to stay home as much as possible, inconvenient as it may seem, will ultimately impact the trajectory of this outbreak.

Even if you are healthy, it is still very important.

  • It protects the vulnerable.
  • It reduces the pressure felt by our hospitals, providers, and first responders.

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We are all in this together. You can Help.

Even if you think you are not sick, social distancing is the type of considerate decision that can help slow the spread of Coronavirus.

You can help protect our grandparents, our families, parents, and children, and the vulnerable.

You may even save someone’s life.