Coronavirus COVID-19: Health Providers

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Resource How to Use Updated
Eye Protection Update CDC PPE guidance for caring for patients without known COVID-19 6/5/2020
COVID-19 Testing FAQs Comprehensive guidance and frequently asked questioned related to COVID-19 testing 7/23/2020
Guidance for Healthcare Facilities CDC guidance for various types of facilities 4/23/2020
Virtual Employer Services Virtual recruitment events for employers through PA CareerLink 4/10/2020
Mask Guidance for Healthcare Facilities Guidance around what types of masks to use in healthcare facilities 4/6/2020
Assessment of HCP Exposed at Work Risk assessment tool for healthcare personnel potentially exposed to COVID-19 6/3/2020
Guidance for Dental Providers Guidance and recommendations for dental providers 6/15/2020
Putting on PPE Sequence for putting on personal protective equipment (PPE) 3/13/2020
Donning and Doffing Checklist for donning and doffing PPE 3/13/2020
Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal Swab Collection  Instructions for swab collections 6/3/2020
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Mental Health
Resource How to Use Updated
CISM Meeting Critical Incident Stress Management virtual meeting 6/24/2020
Physician Support Line Physician Support Line is a national, free, and confidential support line service to provide peer support to physicians during the COVID-19 epidemic 4/29/2020
Leadership Guide to Restoring the Workforce Delaware County’s Leadership Guide to Restoring Resiliency within the Workforce 5/6/2020
Spiritual Care Line In response to the unique challenges presented by COVID-19 to the people of Pennsylvania, the Keystone Disaster Spiritual Care Network has established a Spiritual Care Call Line to provide appropriate and respectful disaster spiritual care to people of all ages, races, and religions. 4/29/2020

Call recordings and transcripts

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Resource How to Use Updated
Healthcare Conference Call – 7/7/20   7/7/20
Outpatient Medicine Conference Call – 6/23/20 6/23/2020
Outpatient Medicine Conference Call – 6/16/20 6/16/2020
Outpatient Medicine Conference Call – 6/2/20 6/2/2020
Outpatient Medicine Conference Call – 5/26/20 5/26/2020
Outpatient Medicine Conference Call – 5/19/20 5/19/2020

Health Alerts

Resource How to Use  Updated
Molecular Tests 6/25/2020
Duration of Isolation 7/21/2020
Reporting of COVID-19 Cases 4/22/2020
Lab Demographics 4/15/2020
Discharging Homeless Individuals from Hospitals or Correctional Facilities – Delaware County 4/7/2020
Conservation of Personal Protective Equipment 3/24/2020
Interim Specimen Collection and COVID-19 Testing Guidance 3/21/2020

Other Resources

CDC Information for Healthcare Providers