Coronavirus COVID-19: Individuals and Families

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Flyer - Be Informed. Be Prepared. - English

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Flyer - Manténgase Informado. Manténgase Preparado. - Spanish
Share with family members. It provides an overview of COVID-19, what is happening in Chester County, misinformation and stigma, prevention measures, and preparedness activities. 3/6/2020
Personal Preparedness Tips for how to increase you and your family’s personal preparedness – supplies, food, hygiene, etc. 3/6/2020
Handwashing Video Watch this video for answers to hand-washing and hygiene questions and instructions for proper washing techniques. 3/6/2020
Guidance for Older Adults Share with families, community members, and those who may interact with older adults. 3/6/2020
EPA List of Disinfectants Review for suggested cleaning supplies. 3/6/2020
Cleaning Guidance for Non-Healthcare Settings Share with necessary individuals to review suggested cleaning methods and guidance. 3/6/2020
How to Talk Kids Tips for how to talk to kids about COVID-19 3/3/2020
Parent and Caregiver Guidance Additional resource with guidance on communication and support for you and your family related to stress and self-care. 3/1/2020
Poster: Stop the Spread of Germs - English

Poster: Stop the Spread of Germs – Spanish
Post in your home or public spaces. 2/28/2020
Poster: Wash Your Hands – English

Poster: Wash Your Hands – Spanish
Post in your home or public spaces. Sized for 11x17 paper but can be scaled to print on additional sizes. 2/28/2020