Coronavirus COVID-19: Resources for First Responders

Guidance below reviewed and current as of 9/28/20.
Resource How to use Updated
Workplace Screening Guidance Guidance for when employees can return to work 8/17/2020
Process for First Responder Exposure to COVID-19 Step by step instructions for First Responders who may have been exposed to COVID-19. 7/6/2020
Resource Request Process Work with your municipal Emergency Management Coordinator on unmet needs. Fill out this form and return to the Watch Officer at chestercountyeoc[email protected] for processing.   7/6/2020
First Responder Health and CISM Information Resources for First Responders to care for themselves.  7/6/2020
Risk Assessment for Healthcare Personnel Potentially Exposed to COVID-19 Risk assessment tool for healthcare personnel potentially exposed to COVID-19 5/29/2020
First Responder Best Practices for Fatalities Guidance for police, fire, and EMS, responding to fatality calls during COVID-19 3/30/2020
CDC Guidance for First Responders