Coronavirus COVID-19: Resources for First Responders

PEMA Resource Request (fillable form) for COVID-19 for unmet needs. Please work with your Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator. All completed forms MUST be returned to the Watch Officer at for processing.

First Responder Health during COVID 19
CISM and Other Resources
Resource How to use Updated
First Responder Daily Briefings from the Department of Emergency Services Updates for First Responders Daily
First Responder Leadership Conference Call First responder conference call, audio 3/27/2020
First Responder Best Practices for Fatalities Guidance for police, fire, and EMS, responding to fatality calls during COVID-19 3/30/2020
Employee Screening of Healthcare Workers and First Responders Guidance for Employee Screening of healthcare workers and first responders 3/27/2020
Psychological First Aid for COVID-19 Responders This video provides the healthcare responder with just-in-time training on responder stress during COVID-19, and provides stress management strategies that should be implemented now to protect the our healthcare workforce. 3/23/2020
 Protecting Providers During the Covid-19 Pandemic Podcasts about Protecting Providers During the Covid-19 Pandemic 3/20/2020
How EMS Gets To Deal With The Coronavirus Podcasts about How EMS Gets to Deal With The Coronavirus 3/20/2020
First Responder Leadership Conference Call (audio file) Conference call with Dept. of Emergency Services Staff 3/16/2020
Guidance for Law Enforcement What law enforcement personnel need to know about coronavirus (COVID-10) 3/16/2020
EMS PPE Guidance - Updated CDC 3/10/2020 PPE Guidance for First Responders 3/15/2020
COVID-19 Safety for EMS Providers PPE for EMS Providers 3/14/2020
First Responders Briefing Call Recording of the conference call for First Responders, length 17 mins. 3/6/2020
Updated CCDES Information Bulletin Updated guidance from CCDES 3/4/2020
CDC Guidance for First Responders    
Chester County Department of Emergency Services Information Bulletin Share with first responder staff members with guidance resources 2/28/2020