Coronavirus COVID-19: Resources for Employers

Businesses looking for more information amid COVID-19, including a list of essential/non-essential businesses click here.
Resource How to Use Updated
Business Risk Assessment Tool A resource to be used by employers and businesses when making decisions about operations and employee and customer safety during the COVID-19 outbreak 3/30/2020
Business FAQ COVID-19 Fact Sheet and FAQ for Businesses 3/30/2020
Business Guidance Guidance on business practices amid COVID-19 3/30/2020 
Guidance for Essential Businesses Resources for essential businesses (such as grocery stores, food establishments, pharmacies, etc.) 3/27/2020
Guidance if an Employee Tests Positive CCHD Interim Guidance for employers when an employee tests positive 3/26/2020
Working Capital Access Program Chester County Economic Development Council is accepting Working Capital Access program applications. Any for-profit businesses located in PA with 100 or fewer are eligible to apply for disaster relief loans. Your application must be processes through the Certified Economic Development Organization (CEDO) designated for the county where your business is located. 3/25/2020
Wolf Administration Issues Guidance to Non-essential Businesses as Part of COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts   3/14/2020 
 Local Business Impact Assessment Survey Your input will help us identify common challenges, improve our comprehensive response strategy, and deploy resources to address critical business needs. 3/17/2020 
Screening Guide for Businesses This guide has been developed to support organizations who wish to screen individuals in-person, or over-the-phone, for COVID-19 risk prior to providing services. 3/17/2020
Organizational Resilience  Share with leadership to support planning and preparedness 3/5/2020
CDC Guidance Businesses and Employers
CDC Guidance Community Organizations

Businesses Briefing Call Recording of the conference call for businesses, length 56 mins. 3/9/2020