COVID Prevention Resources for K-12 School Settings

1/4/2022: On December 27, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its quarantine and isolation guidance. These changes are currently in effect for the K-12 school setting. The Chester County Health Department is working to update its resources accordingly. For more information, please visit the CDC website.

Resource Purpose Updated
CDC's Quarantine & Isolation Information K-12 Setting CDC’s updated quarantine and isolation guidance for the K-12 school setting 1/10/2022
K-12 School Quarantine & Isolation Tool Tool for implementing CDC's current quarantine and isolation guidance.  1/10/2022
K-12 In-School Testing: Project ACE-IT (CHOP PolicyLab) In-school testing program offered in partnership between the The PolicyLab at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the Chester County Health Department (CCHD). This is available to public and non-public schools through a Memorandum of Agreement with CCHD. Please see below for more information: 10/19/2021
American Academy of Pediatrics  Resources from American Academy of Pediatrics to help schools and parents navigate conversations about vaccines. Find resources that can help families understand the science behind the vaccine so they can make informed decisions about protecting their children with the COVID-19 vaccine.  9/29/2021
Quarantine and Isolation Calculator Web-based tool for calculating quarantine and isolation periods. (Source: Tennessee Dept. of Health) 12/29/2021