COVID Resources for K-12 Schools, Early Care and Education/Child Care Programs 

Important Note: Each school district, school, and child care/early learning center in Chester County develops its own health and safety protocols related to COVID-19. When school districts, schools, and child care/early learning centers make updates to their protocols, the Chester County Health Department refers schools and child care/early learning centers to the most recent guidance of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the PA Departments of Health, Education, or Human Services. Permission from the Chester County Health Department on updates to COVID-19 health and safety protocols is not required.  

As all health and safety protocol decisions are made by the individual school district, school, or child care/early learning center, all questions and comments regarding current COVID-19 practices should be communicated with them directly.  

CDC’s new COVID-19 Community Levels guidance applies to education settings including K-12 schools, childcare settings and early education centers. Each school district, school, and child care/early learning center must determine whether they choose to adapt this to their health and safety protocols and communicate this with their families.

The Health Department will remain a support for school districts, schools, and child care/early learning centers to include providing resources such as those below.

Resource Purpose Updated
Quarantine Guidance Updated quarantine guidance people who were exposed to COVID-19 2/1/2022
Guía de Cuarentena Guía de cuarentena actualizada para personas que estuvieron expuestas a COVID-19 2/1/2022
If you have COVID-19 symptoms or test positive  Updated isolation guidance for people who are sick or test positive for COVID-19 2/1/2022
Si tiene síntomas de COVID-19 o da positive Guía de aislamiento actualizada para personas enfermas o que dieron positivo en la prueba de COVID-19 2/1/2022
K-12 and Child Care/Early Education Quarantine & Isolation Tool Tool for implementing CDC's current quarantine and isolation guidance.  2/1/2022
K-12 In-School Testing: Project ACE-IT (CHOP PolicyLab) In-school testing program offered in partnership between the The PolicyLab at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the Chester County Health Department (CCHD). This is available to public and non-public schools through a Memorandum of Agreement with CCHD. Please see below for more information: 10/19/2021
American Academy of Pediatrics  Resources from American Academy of Pediatrics to help schools and parents navigate conversations about vaccines. Find resources that can help families understand the science behind the vaccine so they can make informed decisions about protecting their children with the COVID-19 vaccine.  9/29/2021
Quarantine and Isolation Calculator Web-based tool for calculating quarantine and isolation periods. 3/30/2022