Josh Maxwell

Josh Maxwell is a lifelong Chester County resident whose priorities are to ensure that all of our communities thrive, to create opportunities for working families, and to affirm and safeguard the equality of all people. 

Josh began his term as Chester County Commissioner in January 2020 and is currently Vice-Chair.

As Commissioner, Josh has supported new affordable housing, including the Melton Center Affordable Housing Project. Additionally, five Chester County urban communities are set to receive more than $2.3 million in grants from Chester County’s Community Revitalization Program (CRP) fund.

Josh has worked to preserve the environment and fight climate change. Josh worked to secure an additional 577 acres of Chester County to the already impressive 30% of county land that is preserved or used for agriculture. Josh is known for his advancement of environmentally-sustainable practices and standards throughout Chester County. As part of his work on behalf of the environment, Josh has promoted and worked to extend, the circuit trails in the area to increase multi-modal mobility.

 While on the board, Josh has been steadfast in his support of small businesses, non-profits, and education. The Commissioners awarded an excess of $35 Million in grants to local small businesses as part of the Main Street Preservation Program, non-profits, school districts, and charter schools to help them navigate the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the board oversaw the creation of the Restore Chester County initiative. Restore Chester County brought together business, economic, education, and government leaders to form a core team of a COVID-19 Business Task Force. The task force focused on providing businesses with best practices for reopening and restoring Chester County's quality of place. 

 Within County Government, Josh has helped spearhead the effort to implement the county’s first-ever comprehensive Ethics Policy. The policy applies to the Commissioners’ Office and all employees they oversee and implemented bans on gifts and the utilization of taxpayer property for personal or political purposes. Josh also created the first employee group to recommend policies and actions to the Commissioners regarding Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Prior to his election as Commissioner, Josh served 10 years as Mayor of Downingtown. Josh has also served on the Board of the Downingtown Main Street Association, including leadership of the Board as President, and on the boards of the Downingtown Community Education Foundation, the Downingtown Planning Commission, and the Downingtown Municipal Water Authority.  

Josh is committed to volunteering each month he serves as a Commissioner and has supported organizations such as W. C. Atkinson Community Center, Surrey Services for Seniors, and City Gate Mission.

Josh earned a Bachelor’s Degree from West Chester University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. Josh and his wife Blair Thornburgh, an author of books for children and teens, reside in Downingtown, PA. 

Boards and Commissions

  • Board Member, Chester County Conservation District (CCCD)
  • Board Member, Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC)
  • Board Member, Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC)
  • Board Member, West Chester Business Improvement District Authority (BID)
  • Board Member, Ideas x Innovation Network (i2N)
  • Ex-officio Board Member, Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC)
  • Ex-officio Board Member, Coatesville  2nd Century Alliance, Community and Economic Development