Press Releases

  1. Government Official Charged with Embezzling Over Three Million Dollars
  2. Bribery Charges Regarding Mariner East Pipeline
  3. Skeletal Remains Found in Chester County
  4. Man Charged With Stealing Nearly One Million From Condo Associations
  5. Zero Homicides in Chester County
  6. Drug Dealer Charged with Abuse of Corpse
  7. Notice of Nuisance Action Regarding Pipeline
  8. The Devils Roulette Wheel
  9. Chester County Picks Off Kilo of Crystal Meth, Half Kilo of Fentanyl Laced Heroin
  10. Shooting in E Vincent Township - UPDATE
  11. Shooting in East Vincent Township
  12. Downingtown Pastor Arrested for Stealing Money From St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
  13. School Resource Officer Arrest for Corruption of Minors
  14. Zero Homicides for First Six Months of Year
  15. Retired Police Officer Thwarts Armed Robbery of Gas Station
  16. Over 30,000 Pounds of Prescription Drugs Collected in Chester County
  17. Shooting in East Coventry Involving Juveniles
  18. District Attorney’s Office Report on Troopers Discharging Firearms
  19. The Team That Tames The Child Abuse Monster
  20. Michelle Frei Named Chief Deputy District Attorney
  21. Coatesville Chief Named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
  22. Chester County Awarded Grant to Prevent Violence Against Women
  23. Attorney Arrested for the Fifth Time
  24. Police Find Drugs and Alligator
  25. Defendant Feeds Child Meth
  26. Trooper Involved Shooting In West Nottingham
  27. Sink Holes and Hired Muscle on the Mariner East Pipeline
  28. DA's Office Donates to Safe Harbor
  29. Constable Pipeline Charges
  30. Pipeline Worker's Obscene Message Draws Response
  31. Attorney Arrested Again
  32. Former Federal Prosecutor Joins Team for Pipeline Investigation