Forensic Services

Crime Scene Forensics

The Chester County Detectives' Forensic Crime Scene Unit (the “CSU”) conducts crime scene investigation and reconstruction, photography, crime scene mapping, latent print processing, evidence collection, video/audio processing, and training of local police agencies in forensic services. The CCD CSU is recognized as one of the elite forensic units in the nation.

Computer Forensics

The Chester County Detectives' Computer Forensic Unit (the “CFU”) provides computer forensic examinations, mobile device examinations, internet and network investigations, investigative support training, and technical assistance to local police agencies. Virtually every major investigation today involves an analysis of electronic devices, from a drug dealer’s cell phone to the computer of a criminal stalking children. This is an area of investigation that is expanding rapidly, matching the pace of the evolution of technology.

Other Forensic Services

The Chester County Detectives perform other sophisticated forensic services. Some of these services include composite sketches of suspects, polygraph interviews, and other cutting edge services.