Forensic Services

Crime Scene Unit

The CCD Crime Scene Unit (CCD-CSU) is committed to delivering state-of-the-art scientific analysis and investigative services to all communities in Chester County. The unit receives continuing education through training programs, seminars, and conferences to employ a scientific approach to solving crimes. CCD-CSU investigators are highly trained and skilled in:

  • Photography
  • Crime scene reconstruction and mapping
  • Collecting and preserving DNA and other trace evidence
  • Developing and identifying latent fingerprints
  • Forensic imaging
  • Processing digital audio and video evidence
  • Firearms and ballistic examinations

They also provide local law enforcement investigators with guidance and training in forensic techniques.

Computer Forensics Unit

The CCD operates a full-service computer forensics laboratory (CCD-CFU). The CCD-CFU adheres to best practices regarding forensic data recovery and analysis of digital media, specifically regarding mobile devices, to promote examination accuracy and integrity. Computers, cell phones, and other digital media may be submitted for examination in accordance with proper evidence procedures and the proper legal authority, including written consent or a search warrant. The CCD-CFU is tasked with handling:

  • Computer forensic examinations
  • Mobile device examinations
  • Internet and network investigations
  • Investigative support training
  • Technical assistance to local police agencies

Computer forensics is an area of investigation that is expanding rapidly, matching the pace of technology’s evolution.

Other Forensic Services

  • Bilingual Interviews 
  • Polygraph interviews
  • Other cutting-edge services