Drug / Organized Crime Unit

The Chester County Detectives Drug and Organized Crime Unit, supervised by Sgt. Jeremy Rubincan, is the drug enforcement arm of the District Attorney’s Office. The Drug and Organized Crime Unit investigates major criminal drug activity in Chester County – or activity connected to the County – with a primary goal of identifying, disrupting, and dismantling drug trafficking organizations and/or money laundering organizations. This unit also investigates gun trafficking, gunrunning, human trafficking, and prostitution. The Detective Division Drug and Organized Crime Unit is paired with the DAO’s Trial Division Drug / Organized Crime Unit, which comprises prosecutors who specialize in drug investigations.

In addition to assisting local police departments with the investigations of drug crimes, the Drug and Organized Crime Unit leads the Chester County HIDTA Unit as part of the Liberty Mid-Atlantic HIDTA initiative and coordinates the Municipal Drug Task Force:

  • The High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Unit (HIDTA) is a joint initiative between the DAO and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of National Drug Control Policy. The HIDTA Unit connects Chester County Detectives with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to attack high-level drug prosecutions. This joint effort maximizes the effective footprint of investigators specialized in drug investigation, money laundering investigations, trafficking of firearms, and other vice crimes such as prostitution and human trafficking.
  • The Municipal Drug Task Force (MDTF) comprises police officers from local police departments with significant drug investigation experience and knowledge about local drug problems. MDTF officers work with the DAO’s Drug and Organized Crime Unit to take down local drug dealers and gather crime-related intelligence across Chester County. The MDTF is funded by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and managed by the Chester County Detectives Drug and Organized Crime Unit supervisor.