Detective Division

Chester County Detectives is the investigative arm of the District Attorney’s Office and is overseen by Chief of Detectives David M. Sassa. The members of the Chester County Detectives are all experienced investigators with distinct areas of expertise. Many were recruited as the “best of the best” from other law enforcement agencies.

The Chester County Detectives assist prosecutors in investigating and trying major crimes. These cases include homicides, complex drug investigations, child abuse, sex crimes, political corruption, and white-collar fraud.

The Chester County Detectives also assist other law enforcement agencies with complex investigations, coordinate police training across Chester County, and act as a critical link between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. As the investigative agency for the chief law enforcement officer in Chester County, the District Attorney, the Chester County Detectives have jurisdiction over all of Chester County.

Investigative Units


Do you have information about a crime in your community? No information is too small, and it may be the piece of evidence the police need to solve a crime. Call the District Attorney’s TIPLINE at 610-344-4300 and leave a detailed message. You may call anonymously or leave your name and phone number so a detective can get in touch.

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