Chester County was founded in 1683. The first Deed was recorded in this office in 1688. Below are lists and links to information regarding this office, its history, as well as other sources related to the rich history of Chester County and Pennsylvania. Land and land records were of vital importance to early settlers, and although our state has changed dramatically in the last 300 years, land and land records are still vital to many facets of our daily lives. Additionally, early land records are an unequalled source for finding information about your ancestors and historical predecessors. Please take some time to explore our collective heritage.

Chester County Recorders of Deeds

Diane O'Dwyer (Acting) 2022-Present 
Chris Pielli, Esq. 2020-2022
Rick Loughery 2012-2020
Ruth C. Huganir
2011 Acting Recorder of Deeds
Ryan A. Costello, Esq. 2008-2011
Terence Farrell 2000-2008
Joyce Adams McLean 1988-2000
Elaine S. Weil 1984-1988
Elva McQueen 1980-1984
Florence D. Hunt 1976-1980
Jean K. Eitel 1972-1976
Beatrice Menig 1968-1972
Casper Tollinger 1964-1968
Mary Semelsberger 1960-1964
Thelma L. Yergey 1956-1960
Cornelia P. Dixon 1952-1956
Elizabeth E. Gleason 1948-1952
J. M. Kurtz 1944-1948
Charles M. Mowrer 1940-1944
Harry M. Ford 1936-1940
Harold S. Smith 1932-1936
Harry M. Ford 1931-1932
George W. Klenk 1928-1931
Robert W. Pechin 1924-1928
Warren G. Carson 1920-1924
Jesse H. Kirk 1916-1920
James D. Scott 1912-1916
Duncan M. Curry 1908-1912
Jesse A. Johnson 1905-1908
Walter R. Hibberd 1902-1905
Oscar E. Thomson 1899-1902
Thomas D. Grover 1896-1899
Samuel Ivison, Jr. 1893-1896
Hugh Kenworthy, Jr. 1890-1893
Sharpless M. Paxson 1887-1890
Richard H. Plank c.1885-1887
Harry Sloyer 1880-c.1885
Franklin P. Ash 1877-1880
Sharpless M. Paxson, Deputy 1876-1877
Edwin Bateman 1875-1876
C. Burleigh Hambleton 1872-1875
John A. Groff 1869-1872
Dilwyn Parker 1866-1869
David Andrews 1863-1866
Jonas G. Bossert 1860-1863
Thomas S. Taylor 1857-1860
Robert F. Hoopes 1854-1857
Thomas Walter 1851-1854
Edward H. Hibbard 1848-1851
William McCullough 1845-1848
Abner Williams 1842-1845
George Hartman 1839-1842
Edward Bartholomew 1836-1839
Robert Ralston 1833-1836
Nimrod Strickland 1830-1833
Stephen Marshall 1824-1830
Daniel Hiester 1821-1824
Jesse Sharp 1818-1821
Charles Kenney 1809-1818
John Smith 1806-1809
James Bones 1804-1806
John Christie 1800-1804
Richard M. Hannum 1798-1800
John Hannum 1793-1798
Stephen Moylan 1792-1793
Persifor Frazer 1786-1792
John Beaton 1782-1786
Thomas Taylor 1777-1782

Chester County Recorder of Deeds and Clerk of Courts

Henry Hale Graham c.1766-1777
Joseph Parker 1724-1766?
Richard Marsden c.1719-c.1723
George Yeates c.1716-?
John Simcock c.1715-c.1716

Chester County Deputy Masters of the Rolls

John Simcock 1707-c.1715
Peter Evans 1706-1707
Henry Hollingsworth 1700-1706
John Childe 1695-1700
Robert Eyre (?) 1693-1695
Joshua ffearne 1691-1693
John Bristow 1688-1691

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