Fee Schedule

Updated Fee Brochure - Effective November 6, 2023

Updated Fee Schedule - Effective November 6, 2023 

Please note

  1. Accepted forms of payment: Cash, credit card, money order or business check. Cash and credit card are not accepted for tax-applicable fees. Personal and estate checks are not accepted at any time.
  2. UPI Number: The valid and properly formatted UPI number should be typed on the first page of the document. A typed or computer-generated label containing the valid UPI and affixed to the first page is acceptable.
  3. Transfer Tax: Tax checks must be made out to the Chester County Recorder of Deeds. Only Business checks, cashier checks, and money order are accepted. Transfer tax cannot be paid by credit card or cash. 
$93.75 - includes one UPI, up to four pages, one notation fee and four names.
There is a State Tax and a Municipal Tax each amounting to 1% of the fair market value of the property or interest being conveyed. For property located in the City of Coatesville, the Municipal Tax is 2%. For property located in both Tredyffrin Township and the Borough of Malvern, it is 1.5%. The fair market value of the property is not necessarily the sale price.

Add $2.00 notation fee for additional notations.
Each additional page
*Statement of Value forms should be included in the page count.
Each additional name$1.00
Extra tract of land$1.00
Each additional UPI
Deeds-in-Blank/Relocation Deeds
Must include 2 separate Statements of Value; 2 separate Real Estate Transfer Tax checks for the State; 2 separate Real Estate Transfer Tax checks for the Local Tax; a separate check or other method of payment for Recording Fees of $182.50
Mortgages$93.75 - includes one UPI, up to four pages, one notation fee and four names.
Add $2.00 notation fee for additional notations.Each additional page$4.00
Each additional name$1.00
Each additional UPI$20.00
Any document that alters a mortgage is charged as a mortgage, i.e., Mortgage Modification Agreements, Amendments, Assumptions, Supplement Extensions, etc.
Mortgage Satisfactions, Assignments & Releases, Easements and Rights of Way$80.75 - includes one UPI, up to four pages, one notation fee and four names. 
Add $2.00 notation fee for additional notations.Each additional page$2.00
Each additional name$0.50
Each additional UPI$20.00
This is for Miscellaneous documents that require the payment of Pennsylvania Realty Transfer Taxes under Pennsylvania Department of Revenue regulations.
Subordinations of Mortgage$40.50 - includes one UPI, up to four pages, one notation fee and four names. 
Add $2.00 notation fee for additional notations.Each additional Page$2.00
Each additional Name$.50
Each additional UPI$20.00
Miscellaneous Documents (e.g. Court Orders & Notices, Lis Pendens, Assignment of Leases & Rents, Stormwater Management, etc.)$40.50 - includes one UPI, up to four pages, one notation fee and four names. 
Add $2.00 notation fee for additional notations.Each additional Page$2.00
Each additional Name$.50
Each additional UPI$20.00
Powers of Attorney$20.50 base fee - includes up to four pages and four names.
Add $2.00 notation fee for additional notations.Each additional Page$2.00
Each additional Name$.50
Each UPI, if applicable$20.00
If a Power of Attorney (POA) is related to a specific parcel, then a UPI number is required and the above UPI fee will be assessed. If the POA does not require a UPI number, only the base fee applies.
A $20.00 fee per UPI number will be collected at the time of recordation. This fee was increased from $15.00 effective January 1, 2022, for the first time in five years. UPI numbers are required on all recordings except, POA, UCC, Notary Bonds & Commissions. UPI NUMBER SHOULD BE TYPED ON THE FIRST PAGE OF THE DOCUMENT. A typed or computer generated label, containing the valid UPI, affixed to the first page is acceptable. The Tax Parcel Number and the UPI Number are formatted differently and are not the same.
Subdivision Plans
The fee for recording is $82.00, includes one UPI fee for the first page and $17.00 for each additional page, plus any additional UPI fee(s) - see above.
All maps and plans are to be between 17" x 22" and 34" x 44". The print contrast must be suitable for microfilming black on white. Three copies are required. The charge is made on one copy only. $1.00 for time-stamping each page of additional set of plans.
Please note: Same day plan recording stops at 3:00pm each day.
Add $2.00 notation fee for additional notations. 
State Highway Plans First Page: $13.50.

$17.00 each additional page.
Financing Statements First U.C.C. Filings $102.00 flat fee per filing.
Notary Commissions The fee for Notary Bond and Oath is $38.50.
ExhibitsAn exhibit, map, or plan filed with another document is $5.00 per exhibit.
 Exception: A Condominium Plan is $27.00.
Please note: Any paper filed with a document that is larger than standard legal size is considered an exhibit.
Public Utility Filings $7.00 per filing / $1.00 per each additional copy
Certified Copies
Copies are made by staff in the research library, fee is $0.50 per page and $1.50 for certification.
Copies made by staff to be mailed, fee is $5.00 per page and $1.50 for certification.
All certified copies must be produced by Recorder of Deeds staff. Faxed copies cannot be certified.
Faxed Copies
Copies faxed to your designated location. Fee is $5.00 per page plus a $1.00 fax fee per order. Invoice will accompany your order and is payable upon receipt. Faxed copies of documents cannot be certified.
 Document Standards
In January 2005, our office adopted the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) Document Standards. All documents submitted for recording are required to meet these standards. Documents submitted that do not meet these standards must be accompanied by a $25.00 non-compliance fee (per document). Document Recording Requirements.
Name Search Certificate
$10.00 per name when requested in advance.
$20.00 per name when requested same day.

Contact our office immediately after you have been assigned a hearing date by the court. Pick-up the certificate the day of the hearing, prior to going to court. Change of Name Information Sheet.
Re-recording a Mortgage
A extra $2.00 notation fee will be added for any Re-Recordings
For pricing, see Mortgages above.

Re-recording a mortgage requires:
  1. Submission of the complete, intact original recorded mortgage, with each of our labels, seals, and stamps intact.
  2. A clear explanation for the re-recording typed or neatly printed on the first page or on a cover page.
  3. Any error should be stricken by drawing a line through the incorrect information and clearly stating the correct information. Any omission should be corrected prior to resubmission.
  4. The re-recording must be accompanied by a new notary's acknowledgement of the borrower. The notary is acknowledging that the borrower appeared in person and that this re-recording is, in fact the borrower's deed and act--the borrower does not need to resign the mortgage.

Important Information


  • Fees must be paid at the time of recording.
  • $10.00 rejection fee for returned documents.
  • Cash: in person, for recording fees only.
  • Money Order
  • Credit Cards
    • A Convenience Fee of $1.50 will be applied to transactions under $89.00 or 2.25% for transactions over $89.00.
    • Accepted only for:
      • Non-taxable Document Recording Fees (taxes must be paid separately via check—see below)
      • Copies from the Search Room
      • Name Searches
      • Notary Bonds
  • Checks
    • Made payable to the Chester County Recorder of Deeds.
    • Amounts must be correct; no refunds or changes will be given.
    • Checks older than 90 days are not accepted.
    • No more than 10 documents per check.
    • When filing deeds, two separate checks are required: (1) for State Transfer Tax and (2) for Municipal Transfer Tax, as well as 3) Recording Fees paid by a third check or other payment method.
    • If any check is returned for any reason, a $25 bank fee will be imposed.
    • Personal and estate checks are not accepted.


  • Documents presented for recording on property located in more than one municipality must clearly state on the deed the percentages, in dollar amounts, as to the division of Local Transfer Tax.
  • Grantee's Mailing Address: All deeds must state the Grantee's mailing address. The address must be exact, current, legible, scannable, and unambiguous. Typewritten is preferred. In addition, PA State Law [16 P.S.Section 9781] requires that the Grantee's mailing address be certified with a signature.
  • Statement of Value (SOV): This is a PA Department of Revenue Form that we collect for the Commonwealth of PA. A SOV must accompany all deeds not stating the full and complete value of the property being conveyed, unless a family exemption applies. The SOV must be completed as per the PA Department of Revenue. [NOTE: Common Level Ratio Factors are updated annually on July 1st and must be included on the SOV]. The SOV is recorded as part of the deed and should be included in the page count when tallying recording fees. If attaching exhibits to the SOV it may not be e-Recorded.

Notary Acknowledgments

  • Must Include: State and County where acknowledgement was taken, date, name(s) of those being acknowledged, notary signature, notary stamp and/or seal (if applicable), notary expiration date.
  • Names: All names on a document must match. The name(s) listed on the face of the document must match the signature and the acknowledgment (including Sr., Jr., III, etc.).
  • Corporate acknowledgment: The officer's name, title, and company name must be stated in the acknowledgment.
  • Notary Stamp: Must be clear and legible. No handwritten information may be added to the notarial stamp. Writing or typing information on the stamp is a violation of Chapter 12 of the Pennsylvania Notary Law.


  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope of appropriate size with sufficient postage is required to accompany each document or plan submitted for recording. Postage will be added when not provided by submitter(s) and a $2.00 fee will also be incurred.
  • Blanket documents must state every UPI number affected and additional fees apply to Blanket Documents.
  • A $10.00 Return Fee is due for resubmission for each document each time resubmitted.
  • No refund of recording fees is given for documents recorded in error by the submitter. Any resulting re-recording expenses are paid for by the submitter.
  • Foreign language documents submitted for recording must include a written English translation, sworn or affirmed by the translator, to be recoded along with the original instrument. An apostille or certificate of authentication may be required depending on the country of origin.