TreeVitalize Watersheds Grant Program

TreeVitalize Watersheds has focused on planting trees along stream corridors, adjacent upland areas and “naturalized” stormwater basins in the five-county region of southeastern Pennsylvania since 2005. Through this public-private partnership, dozens of watershed restoration projects are conducted throughout the region every year, resulting in thousands of trees planted in sensitive water protection zones.

The TreeVitalize Watersheds grant program and the Plant One Million campaign are managed by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society with funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection * (PA DEP) and corporate sponsor Aqua Pennsylvania * for projects located within its sourcewater protection zones and service areas. Chester County Conservation District is a local partner in this program: offering technical assistance such as application guidance and assistance with plant selection, and processing project reimbursements for projects located in Chester County that receive TreeVitalize Watersheds funding.

Funding is available to non-profit organizations, municipalities and others who are seeking funding for an eligible project. Applicants must be certified Tree Tenders or have equivalent training or be prepared to complete a Tree Tenders training (9 hours over 3 evenings on tree biology, proper planting and care of trees) prior to their planting event.

If you are planning a riparian restoration or stormwater management area planting project in Chester County that you would like considered for funding through this program, please contact Cori Trice, CCCD Watershed Coordinator.

If you are interested in applying for a TreeVitalize Watersheds grant please refer to the linked documents for information on applying for this funding opportunity. Please note: modifications may be incorporated into the program for the next round

2021 TreeVitalize Grant Announcement *

What you need to apply:

Application Completion Checklist *

Project Bid Sheet (hardcopy or submit directly online *)

Project Narrative

Site Location map (in color)

Signed Landowner Agreement Form including Operation, Maintenance and Repair Plan *

Additional helpful documents for completing your TreeVitalize Watershed application:

TreeVitalize Watershed Eligible Expenses *

TreeVitalize Bid Sheet Line by Line Instructions *

2020 Grant Reimbursement Forms

Reimbursement Request Completion Checklist *

Project Expense Reimbursement Form

Cover letter from Grantee Organization

Copies of invoices for all expenses (documenting grant expenses and match)

Staff Timesheets (if applicable)

Volunteer Logs

Stream Releaf Form * (complete online and print a hardcopy to include in your reimbursement request) 

Updated Operation and Maintenance Plan (if changed during project implementation)

Before, During and After Photos

Project Location Map (in color)