Tips for Civil Filings

  • Make checks payable to "Prothonotary of Chester County."
  • Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with all filings large enough to return copies and/or receipt.
  • A Supreme Court Cover Sheet (excludes judgments and family) and a Chester County Cover Sheet (excludes judgments) is required for all new filings without a case number.
  • Praecipe for Entry of Appearance with Attorney ID number is required with every initial filing or initial pleading.
  • Prothonotary Automation Fee as indicated in Pa.C.S.A. Sec. 21071.2 is included in all new filing fees.
  • Filings are to be filed with no more than one staple or one black binder clip.
  • Backers are not required.

Public Access

ChescoPIN is a paid subscription service that provides access to docket entries. ChescoPIN may be accessed at no charge in the Prothonotary's Office or at libraries in the Chester County Library System. 


The Prothonotary’s Office accepts applications for US Passports. For more information, visit our website or call 610-344-6050.