Vendor Guidelines + Application

Chester County Parks will sponsor special events that feature food and craft vendors selected through an application process. The County shall determine the number and type of vendors needed for event theme and size. 

We do not offer protection from the rain or sun - vendors are strongly encouraged to bring a small canopy, which may be set up within your assigned space. We cannot guarantee attendance figures.              

NOTICE: Please be advised that Chester County Parks + Preservation will NEVER ask for your payment through any type of mobile payment services such as Cash App, Venmo, Zell, PayPal, etc.

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Food Vendors

Chester County Parks will host multiple events that award vendor space via an application process. Due to limitations, the County cannot guarantee space for all applicants. Consideration will be given based on event needs, space, amount of duplicated products and required criteria of the event. 

For smaller events, vendors are individually solicited based on desired menu items, proximity to park, and previous experience. 

All food vendors must:

Craft Vendors

Chester County Parks will host two events that feature craft vendors. Vendors must feature hand-made items for display and sale. All items to be sold must be the created work of the vendor. Commercially manufactured items, kits and/or items not handcrafted or designed by the vendor may not be sold. Vendors must adhere to the Craft Vendor Guidelines and PoliciesVendors interested in participating must complete an application, found on this page. 

Commercial Vendors

We are no longer accepting commercial vendor applications for any event. Exceptions may be made if the proposed product(s) directly relate to the event theme. Please do not submit a craft vendor form in anticipation of participating. For more information, please Contact Us

All vendors must adhere to the following Vendor Guidelines. 

Please read carefully. The submission of an application does not guarantee participation in any event. Your signature on an application indicates that you have read and understand the information contained in this document. The County may revoke, immediately, all of the rights of the vendor, agents or employees of the vendor’s booth, without a refund of fees, due to a violation of the rules set forth herein:     

  1. The County cannot guarantee space for all applicants. 
  2. The County shall determine the number and type of vendors needed for each event, and if proposed items, demonstrations, activity etc. are appropriate for the event theme. The County cannot guarantee the actual number of visitors to an event, and therefore accepts no responsibility for actual attendance levels. 
  3. At all times, the County reserves the right to reject any applicant, who in the County’s sole discretion and judgment, would not provide the best available products based upon quality, price, variety and service.   
  4. Vendor is permitted to only provide items receiving approval, and may not change listing without the County’s consent. If vendor is determined to have violated this agreement, he/she forfeit the opportunity to participate in future Chester County events and may be removed from the event in progress.
  5. Failure to notify the host park in advance of any cancellation, as well as failure to comply with all event policies, will affect future opportunities to participate. 
  6. The County reserves the right to cancel/postpone an event, and will determine the process and procedures to follow due to weather or other factors. For events with an established rain date, vendors shall be available on both dates. 
  7. Vendor may be denied participation if the set-up and/or equipment creates an undesirable display. Audio and video devices audible to the general public are not permitted unless they are part of a County-sponsored demonstration.
  8. No space is guaranteed from year to year. Spaces are assigned based on park facilities and event layout. Requests for specific spaces will not be considered. If vendor and designated staff agree that the space is not suitable, accommodations may be made. 
  9. Spaces are primarily on grass or paved surfaces. Vendor’s assigned space must not interfere with adjacent spaces. Vendor must provide all equipment, furniture, overhead covering, adequate product quantity, etc. for a successful operation.
  10. Booths must be maintained in a safe and sanitary manner, and shall be removed from the premises at the termination of the event unless prior arrangements have been made with the County. Upon failure to remove, the County shall notify vendor to remove property from the premises within the time indicated. The County shall enforce a penalty fee for not removing booth, and has the right to remove any and all such remaining property, and to dispose of it as the County shall so decide, and not be held liable for removal by said vendor, or by any other party. 
  11. Booths must be staffed by persons 18 years or older. Children and pets are not allowed at booth. 
  12. Booths must be open during established event hours, and shall not be dismantled until event closing time. Vendors shall remain with their assigned space and may not leave to solicit or distribute products in other areas of the park without County approval. 
  13. The County reserves the right to restrict vendors with respect to methods of operation and display of materials. If, for any reason, a booth or its contents is not in line with the objective or spirit of the event, the booth will be removed. 
  14. The County shall not be responsible for protection, damage and/or theft of vendor’s equipment, supplies and receipts. Each vendor shall take all reasonable and necessary precautions to secure goods and property. In no event shall the County accept responsibility in connection with any loss, theft and/or damage. Vendor is responsible for the security of all equipment, product and personal items during the event. All injuries and safety concerns should be immediately directed to event staff.
  15. Vendor is responsible for keeping assigned space neat, clean and hazard free. Vendor is responsible for any damage to the grounds resulting from his/her operation. Vendor shall be responsible for disposing of trash within fifteen (15) feet of booth. Failure to do so shall constitute valid grounds to refuse vendor to operate at future Chester County events and a penalty may be applied. Please advise staff if assistance with trash removal is needed.
  16. Vendor will indemnify and hold the County of Chester harmless for any and all liability of the County as a result of any service at a County-sponsored event, and waive any immunity under the PA Worker Compensation Act regarding any claims by the County against the vendor.
  17. If required, vendor must provide a Certificate of Insurance in an amount of up to $2 million, naming the County of Chester as additionally insured.
  18. Vendor shall be considered an independent contractor. Neither the vendor nor any of his/her employees shall be considered employees of the County of Chester for any purpose.
  19. Vendor agrees that the County may revoke, immediately, all of the rights of the vendor, agents or employees of the vendor’s booth, without a refund of fees, due to a violation of the rules set forth herein.
  20. Vendor agrees to abide by all rules and regulations established by the County of Chester, and any and all local and Commonwealth laws. Failure to do so may serve as basis for immediate termination of the right to continue to sell at the function for which the space was awarded, and/or disqualification from future consideration with respect to similar contracts with Chester County.
  21. The vendor hereby releases and forever discharges the County of Chester, its agents and employees from any and all claims whatsoever, resulting from any and all bodily and personal injuries, damage to property and the consequences thereof, which might occur to or be sustained by the vendor or any other person, persons or property, from the conduct of the organized activities, the condition of the property of the County or the actions or failure to act by the County, its agents or employees.

Further, the vendor expressly stipulates and agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the County of Chester from and against any and all claims, suits, damages (including without limitation consequential damages, losses, liability, and expenses (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees) attributable to bodily injury, sickness, disease or death, or to injury to or destruction of tangible property including loss of use resulting there from, in any manner arising out of, or resulting from the activities of vendor.