Special Programs


Mental Health Court

Mental Health Court is a joint effort between the Chester County Department of Mental Health and the County Criminal Justice System to address the needs of individuals with serious and chronic mental illness. Participants are offered a treatment based sentence, which utilizes judicial oversight as a component of the program. The Mental Health Court coordinates an array of services designed to address the many needs of this population.  Click here for more information regarding the Chester County Mental Health Manual (Mental Health and Criminal Justice Guidebook).

Critical Time Intervention (CTI)

CTI is an evidenced based, time-limited program designed to help individuals during a transition period. People who are transitioning from a shelter, prison or hospital need to connect with community support agencies in order to remain independent and successful. It is a structured, three-phased program lasting nine months. Each phase has a focused goal. As a person moves from one phase to the next, the Specialist gradually lessens support as the consumer learns how and when to access support in the community. This program is administered by Human Services, Inc

Supported Employment

Employment is a normalizing experience in most people’s lives and one that is especially elusive to people with mental illness. CareLink’s Career Services programs provides individualized employment, education, and training services to promote self-worth, the development of natural supports, and community integration.  Job placement in itself is not the goal. Teaching people to help themselves by expanding their existing skills is the key to success.


Student Assistance Program (SAP)

SAP, administered by the Devereux Foundation, is designed to assist school personnel in identifying issues including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and mental health issues which pose a barrier to a student’s success. The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to help students overcome these barriers in order that they may achieve, remain in school and advance.

Children's Review Team (CRT)

The goal of the Children’s Review Team is to increase the ability for every child to receive appropriate mental health services and to enjoy a strong quality of life in his/her family and community. The Children’s Review Team uses a multi systems approach based on the CASSP principles and the belief in the resiliency of every child and family. This program is administered by Child and Family Focus, Inc.

Children's Respite

Respite provides short-term, temporary care to families who do not currently have resources or natural supports to assist in caring for a child with a mental health diagnosis. Unlike typical childcare, respite care is utilized to increase the wellness of the family and prevent unwanted crises by enabling caregivers to take a break. Respite services are provided by Child and Family Focus, Inc. and Access Services.


The Chesco LIFE Program serves Chester County families who have a child or adolescent that struggles with emotional, behavioral, social needs, intellectual disabilities and/or have involvement with the dependency or delinquency systems. A team of both experienced parents and professionals work closely with Chester County families to offer invaluable support to individuals with intellectual disabilities, emotional issues and behavioral problems. In addition to working with local child serving systems and partnerships with community organizations, the team has many resources available to support your family’s emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being, including a bilingual staff. Parenting resources and educational supports, along with social and recreational opportunities are all easily accessible within the program.  This program is provided through Access Services.