Eppicard Information

Eppicard is the stored value card used in Pennsylvania if you are not using direct deposit for disbursements on your account.

Here is some useful information about using your Eppicard:

1. Where do I call if I have questions about my Pennsylvania EPPICard™? 

1-800-304-1669 is the number to call for anything related to your Pennsylvania EPPICard™. Keep this number someplace important. It is also printed on the back of your Pennsylvania EPPICard™. If you are calling from a location outside of the U.S. please call collect 1-801-933-8542.                 

2. How do I activate my Pennsylvania EPPICard™? 

 Simply call the EPPICard™ Customer Service line at 1-800-304-1669 to activate  the card. This phone number is on the back of your new card. You will be asked to  choose a PIN to activate your card. After this phone call is completed your card will be ready to use to make purchases or to withdraw cash.                 

3. When do I call 1-800-304-1669?             

Anytime you need any information about your Pennsylvania EPPICard™. This number  is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call Customer Service if you need  to:
• Report lost or stolen cards
• Check your balance
• Change your PIN
• Review transaction history
• Register a complaint about a card issue
• Ask questions about card use
• Discuss international card use
• Report that your card was not received in the mail

If you have questions regarding anything else about your child support case (such as enforcement, modifying your support order) you must call your local county Domestic                    Relations Section.                    

4. Where can I shop or get cash with my Pennsylvania EPPICard™? 

Look for the MasterCard® logo. This logo shows that the store accepts your EPPICard™ MasterCard®. To get cash, look for the MasterCard® logo, which will be displayed on over 892,000 ATMs located throughout the world. Many retailers that accept Maestro,        in addition to grocery stores, will let you get cash back with purchases. Certain businesses place a hold on your available funds until your transaction clears. This  can take one or two days for the funds to be released. Hotels and car rental agencies  do this because when you use your card with them the transaction may not be finalized by you until days later.                 

5. Do I have to use the ATM to get  cash at a bank displaying the MasterCard® logo? 

 No, you do not have to use the ATM. You can get cash back at any bank displaying the MasterCard® logo. Go to the teller and ask for the desired amount of cash that is available to you. You will not be charged a fee to get cash from the teller.  Do not ask for a cash advance.