Tips for a Successful Write-In Campaign

1. It is recommended that write-in candidates hand out palm cards with their name clearly visible, asking the voter to write the candidate name exactly how it appears on the line provided for write-in candidates for that race.

2. Black ink is the recommended color of ink to be used on the Chester County ballot.
  • Due to the type of election equipment used in Chester County, Voter Services does not recommend the use of stamps, etc., for write-in campaigns.
  • Importantly, the use of stickers in a write-in campaign is now prohibited by the Pennsylvania Election Code 25 P.S. §3055. 
3. All candidates, including write-in candidates, must abide by campaign finance laws. 
  • Record should be kept of all expenditures & contributions (monetary, in-kind, etc.)
  • Once a threshold of $250 has been reached you are REQUIRED to submit campaign finance reporting. Please see Campaign Finance for additional information.
4. All advertising and signage must clearly state “paid for by”. See the campaign finance section of our website for more information.

5. Write-in candidates should check to see if an Ethics Statement is also required to be filed for that contest. In most cases, it is.

6. Write-in candidates should provide Voter Services with a written request for accumulation of write-in votes (AKA Letter of Accumulation). There is no official form for this. This is a letter from the candidate stating the race they are running for, and a list of the various names/spellings they would like to be counted for them. Consider first initial last name, nicknames, common misspellings of last name, etc. Such votes are then more likely to be credited to the write-in candidate.
  • The letter needs to be addressed to Voter Services, signed by the candidate and notarized. Voter Services should receive the notarized letter by 9:00AM the Monday after the election.