DUI and License Suspension

In cases involving suspension of licenses (DUI, DUS, and certain traffic related offenses) where a defendant’s license is surrendered in court, the license will be handed over to the Court Clerk and will be mailed to PennDOT through certified mail by the Clerk of Courts department. ALL license products must be surrendered in order to receive credit for the suspension. These include duplicates, permits, motorcycle licenses, renewal applications, affidavits for lost or out of state licenses, etc. Credit for your suspension will begin the date the license or product(s) is/are surrendered. Near the completion of your suspension, you will receive a restoration letter from PennDOT explaining any further action that may need to be taken to restore your license.

Chester County ARD Program

ARD is considered a diversionary or "first time offender" program, designed to divert first time offenders from entering the criminal justice system. When a first time offender is accepted into the ARD program, the Commonwealth suspends the charges against the offender, but requires that certain court-ordered conditions are followed. Similar to a probationary program, the ARD program requires a period of supervision.

Once the program is completed successfully, the original criminal charges are dismissed, and the offender may, thirty days after completion of the program, request the court to expunge the offender's arrest record and ARD participation.

Admission to ARD is controlled by the District Attorney, who has broad discretion as to whom to allow into the program. There are no guarantees that the District Attorney will approve an ARD application. It is based on nature and circumstances of the offense. To contact the Chester County District Attorney’s office, call 610-344-6801.

Discrepancies involving fees, insurance, receiving of license/affidavit, etc. must be handled by PennDOT. The Clerk of Courts is not responsible for any issues that may arise once your license or license products have been mailed to PennDOT. 

Appeals of license suspension must be filed with the Prothonotary’s Office within 30 days of suspension.

For license restoration and other information, contact PennDOT at 1-800-932-4600 or visit their website.