Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training

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Chester County’s Crisis Intervention Team training first responders, police officers how to deal with mental illness.

Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) is a program that teaches law enforcement as front-line caretakers in the assessment and management of offenders with mental illness. 

Every year, more than two million jail bookings involve a person with a mental health condition. As the contacts between law enforcement and those needing mental health care become more frequent, there’s an increased need for collaboration and cooperation between the systems.  CIT training will not only help to de-escalate crisis situations, it will enhance safety and access to treatment.

Pictured is Chester County's 11th CIT class, including County Commissioners, instructors and participants, held in May 2023. 

CIT graduation May 2023

CIT Training Statistics

As of October 2022  the following list reflects the number of CIT officers and first responders trained in mental health/crisis response.

CIT Trained Officers

  • Municipalities Police Departments: 150
  • Adult Probation: 20
  • Veteran Affairs: 9
  • Correctional Officers: 45
  • Sherriff Department: 12
  • Pennsylvania State Police: 13

First Responders Trained in Mental Health/Crisis Response:

  • 911 Dispatchers: 35
  • Emergency Medical Technicians: 45



CIT County Map March 2022

Suicide Prevention Resources

  • Safe Call Now - National, confidential 24-hour crisis referral services for public safety employees, emergency services personnel and their family members.
  • Serve & Protect - Crisis line for public safety professionals looking for trauma services, especially therapists.
  • The Badge of Life -  Police suicide prevention program
  • QPR Institute - Suicide prevention training
  • CopLine - National law enforcement officers hotline
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