Voting Equipment

Chester County purchased the new equipment earlier this year to comply with the state mandate to upgrade equipment before the April 2020 election. Members of the Chester County Board of Elections, along with key stakeholders, held equipment demonstrations in the Fall of 2018, and based on feedback received, the Board of Elections authorized the purchase of the upgraded voting equipment from the current vendor, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), to be used for the November, 2019 election.

In Pennsylvania, all counties must move to voter-marked paper ballots by April, 2020. Chester County has led the way in using the paper ballot system since 2006, so the County is simply introducing upgraded versions of election equipment.

* Chester County Voter services and ES&S do not recommend the use of stickers on optically scanned paper ballots because of potential damage to the machines.

Click below to view videos about the new equipment.

ES&S DS 200 Precinct Scanner

 ES&S ExpressVote Ballot Marking Device