Mission Statement

The mission of the Facilities Department is to provide high value, professional facilities services and wise stewardship of the County's physical assets in support of the County's goal to serve the public in a safe, efficient and comfortable environment. 


The objective of the Chester County Facilities Department is to provide outstanding, reliable and professional expertise for in-house/contract maintenance and custodial service with oversight of new construction for ongoing operations in support of the County's public operations.

  • To provide quality in-house scheduled and emergency maintenance/custodial service responsive to the needs of the public and County employees while striving for customer satisfaction from both groups.
  • To provide contract maintenance/custodial management as an appropriate alternative as required to ensure a cost-effective and timely solution to the County's physical assets.
  • Maintain and monitor energy usage throughout the West Chester, West Goshen, DJ offices throughout the County and make recommendations of innovative technology, components and programs designed to reduce costs were provide an environmental benefit (e.g. reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, incorporate environmental ("Green") technology into existing and new construction where possible.To constantly evaluate effectiveness, efficiency and cost differential between providing in-house services versus contractor service to benefit the County. Provide the information necessary counsel to the commissioners for their ultimate decision.
  • To provide quality maintenance and custodial service that is practical and cost effective by staying within budget and striving for customer satisfaction.
  • Stewardship of the various County assets i.e, County buildings and their associated areas (e.g. parking lots) as well as the 95 County bridges.
  • Reduce the overall County energy consumption; recycling waster materials, specifically, as guided by LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Development) program standards.

The overarching objective is to increase the value of services we provide. To accomplish this objective, we have five strategic goals:

Improve Internal & External Communications

  • Emphasize improved internal and external departmental communications
  • Identify existing communications problems
  • Determine more effective approaches to communications
  • Develop an internal communications plan
  • Develop an external communications plan

Enhance the Effectiveness of the Workforce 

  • Develop a Recognition Program
  • Review/revise job descriptions
  • Standardize the hiring process
  • Prepare a training and development plan
  • Refine the performance management system

Reinvent the Project Delivery System

  • Streamline the existing Express Maintenance project process
  • Formalize the selection process for designers and builders
  • Improve initial project scoping and estimating
  • Strengthen customer relations
  • Enhance project management skills
  • Explore alternative project delivery methods

Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Implement data gathering/metering
  • Develop a retro-commissioning program
  • Explore new technology initiatives
  • Develop a financing plan for energy projects
  • Communicate energy reduction plan
  • Explore alternative energy applications

Capital Construction

  • To oversee and coordinate new County construction project(s) successful completion on time and within budget.