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We're looking for photos that capture the beauty and diversity of Chester County

Chester County is home to many beautiful, scenic, and diverse locations, as well as host  to many exciting events and activities. We encourage you to submit photos from all around Chester County for consideration as the #Chesco photo of the week! Submitted photos may also appear as the background image on the homepage of our We always give photo credit.

Photos do not have to be pastoral - use your imagination!  


  • Format: jpg or png
  • Resolution: We prefer 200-300 dpi.
  • Dimensions: minimum width 2200 pixels
  • File size: <5 mb
  • Please do not digitally enhance or alter your photographs beyond the basics needed to achieve realistic color balance. 
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mike morgan hibernia mansion
Three Owls by Lisa Dell
Covered Bridge in Wilistown by Ben McDonald
Deer at nighttime in Wayne by Hannah Johnston