Strategic Plan Key Performance Measures

Listed are some key performance measures that will be tracked under each County Priority to determine if Chester County Government is successful in providing high quality services to County citizens and visitors. These measures are supported by metrics tracked by County Departments participating in the Strategic Plan. The County's complete Strategic Plan and status of results is published annually in the County's Approved Budget.


• 80% of the health programs will integrate social determinants of health and/or health equity strategies to improve the public's health.
​• 80% of health programs will achieve or exceed established standards for public health outcomes.
​• 75% or more of at risk youth, participating in County sponsored intervention programs, will achieve improved home and school stability.
​• 50% of overdose survivors referred to the Community Outreach and Prevention Education (COPE) program will be directly admitted to drug and alcohol treatment from the Emergency Department.
​• 10% decrease in the number of individuals with serious mental illness admitted to Chester County Prison.
​• 10% increase in the circulation of specified library materials which have been designated for at-risk populations.
​• 5% increase in library programs for at-risk populations.


​• 100% of Chester County residents will have access to a multilingual emergency notification system.
​• 10% of Chester County residents will be enrolled in SMART 9-1-1.
​• 100% of fire companies serving Chester County will meet National Fire Protection Assoc. 1720 staffing standards.
​• 100% of police departments serving Chester County will have access to a county-wide test for police officer applicants.
​• 100% of fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies serving Chester County will have access to health and wellness programs and services. 
• 100% of law enforcement agencies will complete the Lethality Assessment Program training and use the appropriate screening.
​• 50% of Chester County’s regional flood control facilities will be rehabilitated to improve performance and extend lifespan.


​• 100% of Venture Chesco’s available $4 million revolving loan fund/loan guarantee program will be invested in start-up and/or early stage Chester County companies. The Chester County Retirement Board and Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania have each contributed $2 million to Venture Chesco.
​• 25% increase in young and start-up companies accessing services and programs in the County.
​• 10% increase in SBA loans made to Chester County companies.
​• 20% increase in the economic impact of visitor spending in the County directly related to tourism.
​• 25% increase in Chester County employers engaged with County workforce programs.
​• 20% of Chester County residents will receive information on the importance of agriculture to the quality of life and local economy.
​• 2% increase in preserved acres of farmland; an additional 7,000 acres.
​• 75% of program attendees will indicate they are satisfied with economic, workforce, and/or entrepreneurial development programs offered by Member Libraries.


​• 32% of county land area will be preserved as open space.
​• 100% of Chester County will be covered by an updated water resources and stormwater management plan.
​• 50% of new housing units in Chester County will be single‐family attached or multi‐family.
​• 67% of Chester County municipalities will have comprehensive historic resource measures.
​• 4% increase in multi-use trail, sidewalk, and bike lane mileage in the county.
​• 50% of low and moderate income households will benefit from infrastructure investments and neighborhood improvements creating safe, secure, quality housing options.


​• 100% of financial reporting requirements will continue to be met.
​• Maintain the highest bond rating (Aaa/AAA).
​• Maintain a working capital reserve equal to 10% of the subsequent year’s adopted General Fund expenditures.
​• Maintain the rate of tax collections to tax levy at 98% or more.
​• 90% of financial audit recommendations will be adopted.


​• 100% of public records will continue to be managed and made available in compliance with State and County guidelines.
​• 90% or more of department result measures supporting the strategic plan will meet or exceed expectations.
​• 60% or more of department goals supporting the strategic plan will be achieved by the target date.
​• 99% of employees will be able to correlate their job performance to department and organizational goals.
​• 70% of County Departments will have employees engaged in the County’s Leadership Development Training.
​• 75% of library program attendees will indicate they have increased their knowledge of health, wellness, financial stability, and/or civic participation.