Protected Open Space Maps

  • Preserved Farmland Story Map
  • Farmland provides the foundation for Chester County’s top industry - agriculture. Farmland also provides food, wildlife habitat, is a defining element of our visual identity, and is a social and cultural cornerstone for many communities. For over 25 years, Chester County has partnered with farmers and private nonprofit conservation organizations, as well as federal, state, and local government to permanently preserve over 400 of its most productive, well-managed farms. There are so many inspiring stories of hard work, sacrifice, and deep roots in the community and connection to the land that we wanted to take a step beyond the usual data charts and tables by posting some pictures. Every picture tells a story and we look forward to sharing more as time permits. In the meantime, please click the link above to virtually visit preserved farms throughout the County. We hope you enjoy the view.

  • Chester County Protected Open Space Information Center
    This web page, maintained by the Chester County Planning Commission, provides mapping, data sheets, and other information and resources that document the various types of open space protected in Chester County.

  • Parcel Map
    This map, produced by the Chester County Planning Commission, shows Protected Open Space as of December 31, 2018. The Chester County Planning Commission defines Protected Open Space as "Land and water areas that have little or no development; are used for recreation or preserving cultural or natural resources, including productive agricultural soils; and are protected either permanently or on a long term basis."

  • Conservancy Grants Map

  • Agricultural Easements Map

  • Municipal Grants Map 

  • Nature Preserve Guide
    This brochure lists 13 of the most significant Preservation Partnership Program projects. Each site includes publicly accessible trails and off road parking for visitors. Additional public benefits include scenic views and environmental services such as clean air, clean water, groundwater recharge, wildlife habitat, and soil conservation. Click on the Nature Preserve Guide link below for a printable version of the brochure.

    Nature Preserve Guide

  • Municipal Parks Guide
    This brochure lists Township parks that are 20+ acres and all parks in the Boroughs and the City of Coatesville that have received County funding. Detailed information about these sites can be obtained by contacting the municipality where the park is located, contact information provided in the brochure. All of the sites include public access. Some sites have been developed for active recreation such as athletic fields and children’s play areas, while others are utilized for passive recreation such as walking trails and natural habitat preservation. Click on the Municipal Parks Guide link below for a printable version of this brochure.

    Municipal Park Brochure