Car Registration Fee

Through Act 89, the County Fee for Local Use, local governments are permitted to collect an additional $5 along with state vehicle registration fees to be used for the “construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of, and safety on, public highways and bridges”.  In Chester County, the $5 fee goes to the County's Bridge fund for the maintenance of Chester County's 95 bridges. 

This annual fee helps to support one of the Chester County Commissioners’ main priorities - the safety of citizens. Less than two cents a day comes from those who drive over Chester County's 95 county-owned bridges each day, including:
  • people commuting to work
  • school buses taking children to school
  • fire trucks, ambulances, police and other emergency vehicles
The fee gives the County a greater degree of flexibility to address the unique needs of our bridges without the constraints imposed by other state and federal funding. More than 60 percent of county-owned bridges are over 75 years old - and many are over 100 years old. The volume of modern traffic is very different from the time when these bridges were built, and the increasing costs to keep these bridges in safe repair reflects this.

Chester County is one of a number of counties in Pennsylvania that enacted this fee in 2016.
Chester County receives the funds that have been collected by the State every June and December.