MS4 Resources

To assist Chester County municipalities with their ongoing stormwater management and water quality improvement efforts, some resources have been made available. 

GIS Data Layers for Stormwater Management Mapping

Chester County has made available a GIS map package that contains a map document (.mxd) and the data reference by the layers it contains, packaged into one convenient file. These layers will have symbology attached and so even if only one of the layers is needed, please download the package. The data layer from the county's GIS Open Data site will most likely not have the symbology attached. 

The following layers are part of the MS4 Base GIS Data - Map Package and downloadable:
  • Municipal Boundaries
  • 2014 PADEP Integrated Water Quality Report (for Chester County) ---- NOW 2016 GIS layer available
  • Chester County Road Centerlines (Private/Local is not differentiated)
  • Streams (line features) - via 1993 photo interpretation
  • Ponds, Lakes and Streams (polygon) -  via 1993 photo interpretation
  • 2 Foot Contours - PAMAP Program 2006-2008
  • 2010 Urbanized Areas, U.S. Census Bureau
  • Impervious surface from 2010
  • DVRPC 2015 Land Use - Product 1 for Chester County
  • Watersheds of Chester County

Chester County Watersheds: Data and Mapping Standardization

The Christina Watersheds Partnership members and the Chester County Water Resources Authority developed a data model to standardize stormwater infrastructure mapping to streamline future water quality improvement collaborations throughout Chester County's watersheds. This optional and completely voluntary geodatabase schema with an overview, instructions and a data dictionary are posted on DropBox. Follow this link:    

     CCWRA Dropbox folder with four files

2016 PA DEP Workshop Materials


We have scanned a portion of the contents of the binder from the MS4 Workshop FALL 2016: PRP/TMDL Plans. As of November 2016, the contents of the binder were not found on PA DEP's website, so we have posted scans of or links to the following materials:

  1. Public Participation 
  2. Mapping
  3. Mapping Scenarios 
  4. GIS Sewershed Delineation (Considerations; Catchment and Overland Flow Pathway Delineation using Lidar and GIS Grid Based Approach in Urban Stormwater and Sewer Network Models article; Delineating Drainage Networks in Urban Areas article) 
  5. Existing Load 
  6. BMP Effectiveness 
  7. BMP Selection 
  8. TMDL Plans 
  9. PRP Methodology 
  10. BMP Funding 
  11. O&M Submission & Implementation 
  12. Retrofit Expert Panel Report  
  13. FAQs