Protection from Sexual Intimidation

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How do l get a Protection from Sexual Violence (PSV) or Protection from lntimidation (PFI)?

During Business Hours

(M-F, 8:30AM-3:30PM) the victim must go to Family Court located on the 5th floor of the Chester County Justice Center. Please bring a short statement including date, time, and description of the alleged incident that causes you to seek protection. The narratives should be one page in length.

After Business Hours

the victim must go to the on-call District Judge for an Emergency Order. The victim should call his or her local police department to find out which District Judge is on-call. The Emergency Order is only valid through the close of the next business day. For example, if a victim contains an Emergency PSV/PFI on Friday evening that order is valid only though Monday at 4:30pm. 


the following agency is available to assist victims in filing a PSV/PFI petition and for accompanying the victim to court.