Bringing Children to Custody Conciliation Conferences

Family Court has adopted a new policy to implement the orders required under C.C.R.C.P. 1915.11.A(b) for parties to bring children ages 10 and over to conciliation conferences. The party requesting an order to allow their child to be brought to conciliation must provide a statement as to why the child’s appearance is necessary. This statement should be attached to the form order for appearance and submitted to Family Court well in advance of the conciliation conference, as the moving party must give ten days’ notice to the other side of the order allowing the child’s appearance. The request will be submitted to the Conciliator assigned to the case for approval/disapproval based on the reasons given only. In addition, as in the past, Family Court will deny any requests which do not comply with the local rule. We are hopeful that this policy will allow Family Court to better serve the needs of the children who are at issue in these custody disputes. It should also help ensure that all cases listed on a particular day will be heard in a timely fashion.

Honorable Katherine B. L. Platt